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Hi! I'm from Norway, and currently studying towards a Master of Science in Management Information Systems at UIC. I also work as a graduate research assistant at NCPAD.

I find Wikipedia an incredible way to develop an encyclopedia, and that excitement is what drives me to be a contributor here. I edit just about everything that comes to my mind, but try to focus on my interests (see below) and where I feel I have something to contribute. I am also trying to spend some time on the Norwegian Wikipedia (I'm an administrator there).

I am a big supporter of the m:Wikimedia Commons project, and my general stance is that Wikipedia should stay as open and freely available as possible (although that means some vandalism and other problems from time to time).


For more information about me, visit my website

Some pages I've added or done extensive work on:[edit]

Pages I want to work on[edit]

If I ever get the time that is...

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