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August 2016
10:37 pm
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August 2016
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August 2016
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August 2016
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About Me[edit]

EU This user lives in the European Union.
Flag of Latvia.svg This user comes from Latvia.
Flag of Latvia.svg This user is Latvian.
Coat of arms of Latgale.svg This user comes from Latgalia.
lv Šim lietotājam latviešu valoda ir dzimtā valoda.
ltg Latgaļu volūda irā ituo lītuotuoja dzymtuo volūda.
en-3 This user can contribute with an advanced level of English.
ru-3 Этот участник свободно владеет русским языком.
Video-x-generic.svg This user enjoys films.
Swiss army knife open 20050612.jpg This user is a MacGyver fan.
Stargate-color.png This user is a Stargate fan.
Stargate SG·1 symbol 01.svg This user is a fan of Stargate SG-1.
AtlantisGlyph19.svg This user is a fan of Stargate Atlantis.
UniverseGlyph03.svg This user is a fan of Stargate Universe.
The Big Ban.png This user enjoys
The Big Bang Theory.
Delta-shield.png This user enjoys Star Trek.
Letter "A".jpg This user enjoys Andromeda.
H icon, white letter on black background.png This user enjoys House M.D.
Jackie Chan logo.jpg This user is a Jackie Chan fan.
d'oh! This user thinks The Simpsons is simply...excellent.
BMW 840 Ci Sport front.jpg This user is a BMW enthusiast.
U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Ryan Burks, a squad leader with Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 7, provides security during a mission rehearsal at Camp Bastion, Helmand province 130527-M-QZ858-089.jpg This user is interested in Counter-Terrorism.
M1-A1 Abrams 1.jpg This user is interested in Tanks.
Two F-22A Raptor in column flight - (Noise reduced).jpg This user is interested in military aircraft.
CVN-78 Artist Image.jpg This user is interested in military ships.

Me and Wiki[edit]

Wikimedia logo family complete-2013.svg This user has created a global account. Vilnisr's main account is on Wikipedia (English).
Paullusmagnus-logo.JPG This user has been a Wikipedian since 2 July 2007.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user is a member on the English Wikipedia. (verify)
1,700+ This user has made over 1,700 contributions to Wikipedia articles.
Stargate-color.png This user is a member of the
Stargate WikiProject.
Cross slot screw.jpg Since no-one is perfect, this user reserves the right to completely screw up his edits.


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