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Vincent Clark
Vincent Clark at St. Joesph Hospital
Birth name Vincent Thomas Clark
Born (1974-10-16) October 16, 1974 (age 42)
Bakersfield, CA, U.S.
Medium stand-up, Internet Satire, Cross Media Story Telling
Nationality American
Years active 1999–present
Genres Satire/technical satire/news satire, observational comedy

Mass media/news media/Media criticism, American politics, current events, religion, Jewish culture, race relations, human sexuality, self-deprecation


Who is Vincent Clark?[edit]

Vincent Clark has been an active participant in the development of the Web sine the fall of 1999 when he joined a rag tag coorprate dot com company called Later renamed to The Walt Disney Internet Group Vincent Clark was instremental in defining two key teams that changed the landscape of the Disney Online technilogical infustrcuture. As a founder member of Subscription Products, originally named Blast, and later renamed to Premium Products. Vincent helped pave the for front end developers dealing with advanced HTML, JavaScript, and Flash Programming to be considered as an engineering disiciple.

After helping to define what was then known as the Blast Technical Vincent made the transition to Application Technology, Disney Online's engineering group. Within a year Vincent found himself a founding member of yet another group, QA Engineering. Though QA Engineering was not the most favorable name for the team Philip Hopbell and Jeffery Graebner felt the focus should be more on defining the teams responsibilities and opted not to put too much effort into the name itself.

Vincent worked on implementation of global code through out the organization and had gained a reputation for a knack of troubleshooting and assisting other developers and engineers to develop a standard approach to Disney Online's web development.

In 2007 Vincent left Disney Online to work with Disney's ABC Television group in hopes of bringing their web development to the standards that he championed at DOL. Unfortunately through a series of management changes and a prolong illness almost costing Vincent his life all 2008 was a dark and frustrating year. Fortunetelling Vincent was able to get the help needed in early 2009 and had spent the first half of 2009 recovering from a misplaced surgical clip left behind during an abdominal surgery Vincent underwent in 1997 due to stage 2 testicular cancer.

Vincent has devoted a great deal of time in working with and pushing the boundaries of Internet based technologies. Vincent was part of a team that first adopted Wiki as documentation tool in 2000. With a love of front end technologies and as a skilled Flash / ActionScript programmer Vincent has brought a unique viewpoint to his corner of the industry. Vincent routinely meets with senior executives of the Walt Disney Companies as well as contractor fresh out of school he has sought to gain an understanding of the web from as many angles as possible. He has worked directly with Vice Presidents, marketing, content producers, QA Leads, managers, engineers, developers, across virtually all business units in the vast Disney conglomerate of sites.

In Vincent's personal time he has sought as personal challenge to dominate search engine results for the name Vincent Clark. Loosing out recently only to Vince Clark of Erasure. VincentClark Enterprise has long served as a source of relevant IT information, puns on technology, and occasional family disputes. Taking advantage of Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and other social networking sites while leveraging his own set of personal sites that include,, *.us, *.info, *.biz, *.tv, *mobi, and *.ws (some sites are still in progress). Vincent has successfully intertwined his web world into his family sites by integrating Twiter feeds, Flickr Photos, PhotoBucket content, with many more to come.

One would be hard pressed to find an individual with as well round KnowledgeStorm of the Internet as Vincent Clark.

One might wonder why a :User bio would be in the third person. That is never my style, I am just practicing for my page, and always I seek to bring fresh and unique view to the Internet and the people that use it.