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Vincentvikram (talk · contribs · email) I maintain some information about myself here

Wikipedia in Education Round 2[edit]

Anil Pinto and I are facilitating round two of the same paper with a brand new batch of students. It is exciting because it is disrupting stagnant thought processes. Sub-pages to track progress of our students can be found here

Wikipedia in Education[edit]

In the academic year, July-October 2015, I facilitated a course called "Digital culture and education" and one of the tasks for my students doing their graduate studies in Education was to improve or create articles related to Educational Technology. Their round one work is listed here and round two work is listed here. The pages being edited for the final evaluation(round three) are listed here

Free Software Movement Karnataka[edit]

I am quite passionate about the free software movement and was working to build it here in Bangalore. I held the responsibility of General Secretary from November 2014 to January 2017. For more details browse through Free Software Movement Karnataka FSMK

Free Software Movement Maharashtra[edit]

I am currently coordinating the Free Software Movement in Maharashtra. Please contact me if you would like to volunteer <vincentvikram AT fsmi DOT in>

Swatantra.Org [Kannada Localisation Project][edit]

I used to work on building Swatantra.Org [Kannada Localisation Project] teams in various colleges in Bangalore.{Currently inactive}

This initiative is open to all and is not that tough so if you can help out please do contribute. Details here.Debian Kannada Localisation You can join the mailing list