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Vintagent is writer and tintype photographer Paul d'Orléans, based in San Francisco, CA. He is the author of 'The Chopper; the Real Story' (Gestalten, 2014), 'Cafe Racers' (Motorbooks 2014) and co-author of 'The Ride' (Gestalten 2013) and 'The Ride; 2nd Gear (Gestalten 2015). He is currently the Custom & Style editor for Cycle World magazine, a consultant for auction houses Bonhams and Mecum, and writes full-time for magazines such as Classic Bike Guide, At Large, Men's File, The Automobile, etc. He hosts the [Motorcycle Film Festival], and curates exhibits such as 'Built for Speed' and 'Ton Up!' (in Sturgis, with photographer Michael Lichter), and 'The Chopper Story' at the National Motorcycle Museum. His motorcycle website is The Vintagent. His photography website is MotoTintype

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