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I no longer regularly update my talk apge and it's various subpages, but have not taken them down for whatever reason. So, please odn't expect anything to be 100% accurate, especially the /Music page - I have more than likely doubled that by now.

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Hi! I'm Nate!

What I do[edit]

I skateboard, listen to music A LOT, go to high school(grade 9-12) in Midlothian, Virginia, USA. I also edit on Wikipedia in my spare time, mainly about Music. I am in the Albums Project, aiming to have an in dept article for all albums on wikipedia. I mainly focus on adding reviews, categorizing albums, adding album art, and converting/adding infoboxes for albums, singles, and songs.


I have a girlfriend that I love very much. I love you, Katy! Will you marry me?


Main article: /Guitar

I play guitar, and know a couple of songs. I'm not that good...

Music Recomendation of the month[edit]

Main article: /Music

I listen to alot of music, in alot of genres. I used to listen mainly to country as a child, then rock, and i've slowly gotten harder as i go. Dream Theater will always be a favorite of mine, since about 7th grade. In the begining of this year (10th grade) I got extremely into The Bled. They re-released their first album Pass the Flask, as Pass the Flask (Reissue). It's so amazing, I'd definately say to buy it.

Contact me[edit]

You can choose to email me at Violask81976@yahoo.com, or leave a message on my talk page.

Pages I've started[edit]

(Not Including Talk: and Category: Pages)

  1. 2002 Warped Tour Compilation
  2. Amongst The Madness
  3. Bach: Unaccompanied Cello Suites Performed on Double Bass
  4. The Best of Taste of Chaos
  5. The Best of Taste of Chaos Two.
  6. Black Box Distribution
  7. The Bled (EP)
  8. Dream Theater's Greatest Hit (...& 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)
  9. Forever Lost
  10. From Ohio with Love
  11. Future of the Past (Vader album)
  12. Looking Back (A Day In The Life album)
  13. Nintendo: White Knuckle Scorin'
  14. Nothing Is More
  15. Old Dogs
  16. Old Dogs (album)
  17. Rincon bleachers
  18. Suture and Other Songs
  19. Sweat It Out
  20. Taste of Chaos (album)
  21. Template:The Bled
  22. To Love, To Hate, To Forget, A Memory...
  23. Transmit Failure
  24. Worst Enemy

Pages I've added alot to/cleaned up[edit]

  1. A Day In The Life (band)
  2. Fallen Footwear
  3. The Hit Factory
  4. Nine Reasons To Say Goodbye
  5. Snob
  6. The String Quartet Tribute
  7. Systematic Chaos


Thank you![edit]

Thank you for viewing my Userpage/Profile!

-Violask81976 19:19, 12 June 2007 (UTC)

Links For me[edit]

Help:Starting a new page for when the search button does the silly "there is a problem with you search, please use google" stuff. Build A Guitar Hero Guitar http://kunden.wundermedia.de/livedome/player/50/apocalyptica_en.com/# link for apocalyptica concert