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Hi. The names' Bryan but here, I go by Violent-kun, short for the Violence. I'm a African-American currently living in Missouri City, Texas, which is a couple minutes drive from Houston, but an half-hour from downtown. And that's on not during Rush Hour.

I am a born-again Christian currently going to the University of Houston's main campus.

Favorite TV Shows[edit]

Favorite Cartoons/Anime[edit]

North American Cartoons[edit]

Japanese Anime[edit]

When it comes to anime, I call myself an "audio button" fan, only choosing to purchase dvd's with English and Japanese language. I am a supporter of most English dubs except for One Piece. I primarily blaim Toei as opposed to 4Kids for not closely supervising their dubs, unlike how Studio Pierrot does for Naruto. I also resent Toei for a licensing dispute keeping Sailor Moon out U.S. television and DVD's. I kinda wish for a redub by ADV even though I do like the orignal dub and have soft spot for the what can be considered as the classic dub cast (Terri Hawkes, Stephanie Morgenstern, Karen Bernstein, Katie Griffin, and the lone staple and personal favorite, Susan Roman).



I primarily support and cheer for the Houston Astros, Houston Rockets, Houston Texans (feeling sad about them though), and their respective confereneces in their leagues. I am also beginning to become interested in soccer and in fact awaiting a MLS team in Houston (hopefully an expansion team, allowing San Jose to keep the Earthquakes). In meantime, I support Aston Villa F.C. and Middlesbrough F.C. in the English Premiership. We're also awaiting a hockey team.

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