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Me by my PC (surprisingly not on Wiki)
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Since October 2006 me and a friend have been busy creating and running A site when perverts that we have caught are named and shamed across the globe.

Who I am[edit]

I was born in 1990 in Oxford, England and lived in Bicester from 1990 to 1997. I then moved to Rugby where I went to Henry Hinde Junior School from 1997 to 2001 and Bilton High School from 2001-2003. I moved to France in the summer of 2003, and had to learn an entirely new language (French of course) without any major knowledge of the language beforehand. I then went to school at Collège Augustin Malroux in Blaye-les-Mines from 2003 to 2006. Over the course of those three years I successfully learnt how to get myself understood and surprisingly got the Brevet des collèges. I'm currently attending Lycée Jean Jaurès in Blaye-les-Mines, studying ISI-ISP.

Large contributions[edit]




Custom signature help[edit]

A lot of people have trouble getting their custom signatures to appear by typing ~~~~, so I've made this little guide to help anyone that needs it.

  • First of all, create a custom signature by going to and creating a page (where ### is your username).
  • On your new "/Sig" page, click "edit this page" and type out your custom signature. Mine is <big>''' [[User:ViperBlade|<font color=#00D500>ViperBlade]] '''</font></big><sup><small>[[User_Talk:ViperBlade|<font color=#008800>Talk!!]]</sup></small>
  • After previewing and editing until you're happy with your sig, save the changes and click "my preferences".
  • In the "Signature" text box, type "{{SUBST:User:###/Sig}} (where ### is your username). Check the "Raw signature" checkbox and save your preferences.
  • Go to the sandbox and test everything works. Simply typing ~~~~ and previewing should show your new signature and timestamp.

Hobbies and interests[edit]

In my spare time, I like to program games with Game Maker (Quizmaker being my most successful creation) and learn Web-coding languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, etc). I used to skateboard until I broke my deck in 2005 (and no I'm not buying a French replacement). My favourite genre of music is rock, and although I prefer punk-rock and emo, I will listen to almost anything. Some of my favourite artists include:

Name origin[edit]

I know that I'm not the only ViperBlade that currently exists on the Internet, however I can honestly say that I thought of the name myself. It sprang to mind when a friend of mine first got Broadband and we needed an alias for all the online games we wanted to play. I was in to Medievil-themed strategy games so I was thinking of swords, shields and spears and my friend has a thing about snakes, and thus ViperBlade was born.

Sad eh?

Credit and general thanks[edit]