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VisFati/IceWarp Server
Screenshot of webmail
interface in IceWarp Server
Developer(s)IceWarp: Metro DC Area
Stable release
9.4 / Dec 19, 2008
Operating systemWindows, Linux

IceWarp Server is commercial email, groupware and communications software. It runs on Windows and Linux, and integrates with existing infrastructure via ODBC compliant DB connectivity, Active Directory integration, and multithreaded SSL secured services.


In 1999, Jakub Klos developed Merak Mail Server in Prague, Czech Republic. Merak Mail Server is the direct antecedent to the current version of IceWarp Server.

As originally conceived, Merak Mail Server (henceforth called IceWarp Server), was designed to serve the needs of ISPs and data centers. Over time, the developer expanded to additional markets, including small and medium-sized businesses, enterprise-level corporations and universities. Currently, there is little differentiation between the various niche markets indicated on the developer website.

Based upon the company's press release history since August 2008, it is apparent that the company is focusing attention on mobility solutions, to wit, as demonstrated by IceWarp Server (3 instances), key partnerships with industry players (2 instances), its conference and workshop event(1 instance) and the findings of independent research conducted by the Radicati Group (1 instance).

Recent IceWarp Press Releases[edit]

"IceWarp Server Version 9.3 Provides Enhanced Security, Simplified Management and a User Friendly iPhone Interface" (August 7, 2008)
"IceWarp Server Version 10 Will Bring Businesses Greater Mobility with Exchange ActiveSync" (August 26, 2008)
"IceWarp to support iPhone Native Over-the-Air Synchronization in IceWarp Server Version 10" (August 28, 2008)
"Stratos Chooses IceWarp for Major Next Generation Broadband Satellite Services Infrastructure Project" (September 24, 2008)
"Premier Integration Forerunner Clarium Consulting Turns to IceWarp Server as the Premium Solution its Customers Need" (September 26, 2008)
"Messaging Professionals Gather at IceWarp s Advanced Messaging and Information Technology Conference & Workshop 08" (October 7, 2008)
"IceWarp Among Leading Messaging Vendors, Confirms a Radicati Study" (December 18, 2008)

The software version currently available is 9.4.

2009 marks ten years since the company introduced its product.


IceWarp Server refers to a suite of modules, each representing a core feature with some possessing feature subsets.

Mail Server[edit]

IceWarp Mail Server, sometimes called IceWarp eMail Server, is integrated with other modules, including the groupware, antispam and antivirus modules.

Protocols include SMTP/ESMTP, IMAPv4 with PUSH via IDLE command, IMAP ACL, POP3/SPOP3, APOP, HTTP(S), FTP(S) with OTP/S-Key, OpenLDAP, SIP, SIP SIMPLE, XMPP, HTTP Proxy, TLS/SSL 128-bit for all services, IPv6 including AAAA DNS records, SNMPv2, WebDAV, GroupDAV, CalDAV, SyncML 1.1, OMA DS 1.2, implements iCal, vCal, vCard, vNote, vFreeBusy formats, quoted/base64 encoding, Unicode (UTF-8), SHA1/MD5/DigestMD5 RSA encryption methods.

Web Mail[edit]

IceWarp WebMail supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, and integrates with groupware, antispam and antivirus.

Web IM[edit]

thumb|right|IceWarp Web IM conversation box

IceWarp Web IM integrates with IceWarp's webmail module.


IceWarp Server includes two principal methods of managing spam that comes into the mail server.

IceWarp Anti Spam Engine, which is based upon conventional antispam methodologies.
IceWarp Anti Spam LIVE Service, which includes real-time antispam protection. LIVE utilizes technologies developed by Commtouch, Inc.


IceWarp Server is bundled with Avast Anti-Virus Engine from ALWIL Software.


IceWarp GroupWare provides the architecture for users to share information, coordinate and collaborate. This module contains the following components:

IceWarp Files, which permits users to share files. The server administrator can assign levels of accessibility for individuals and groups.
IceWarp Tasks, which enables supervisors to establish assignments to individuals. Tasks can include deadlines with reminders sent via email, instant message and pop-up, as well as appended instructions, a deadline, and progress monitoring.
IceWarp Contacts, which functions as a web-based address book. As with other groupware modules, the server administrator can assign levels of accessibility for individuals and groups.
IceWarp Calendars, which record deadlines and events. Calendar types include Personal, Group and Global.
IceWarp Notes, which enables users to document information.
IceWarp Journal, which permits users to chart events throughout their workday.


IceWarp Server provides support for Mozilla, Thunderbird, iCal, Lightening, Entourage, Linux Evolution in WebDAV.


VoIP capabilities were introduced into IceWarp Server in August 2007. IceWarp's VoIP functionality is based upon SIP protocols.

Web Server[edit]

IceWarp's web server was introduced in February 2005 and is used principally for webmail.

Market Focus[edit]

Business Forms -- IceWarp states on its website that IceWarp Server was initially designed for ISPs and data centers, and that it evolved to also service SMBs, enterprises, schools and universities and other institutes.

Business Niches -- IceWarp does not appear to heavily market itself to any particular business niche. To the extent that no market niche is specifically identified by the company, the server appears to be marketed as universally applicable.


IceWarp offers both limited and unlimited licenses. The lowest threshold of its limited license is currently set at 25 users, with the upper threshold set at 5,000 users.

Supported Clients[edit]

IceWarp Server provides native support for the following client software programs.

WebMail-- Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari browsers
Groupware -- Microsoft Outlook, CalDAV, GroupDAV, WebDAV and WebFolders
Mobile Devices -- Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm Treo, and BlackBerry
Data Synchronization -- Windows ActiveSync and SyncML

Release History[edit]

Version Release date Significant changes
9.3.1 August 6, 2008 iPhone WebMail Skin, SyncML Push for Nokia, Built-in Log Analyzer, PHP 5.2.6 FastCGI Multi-Process Engine with Automatic PHP Recovery
9.2.1 April 18, 2008 SMS Gateway, Anti Spam LIVE, SyncML Push for Windows Mobile handhelds with Funambol
9.1 September 17, 2007 WebMail Pro Full-text Search, Drag & Drop, IM Presence History, SQL DB Support via PDO, SyclML 1.2, Emulated Administration GUI
9 August 4, 2007 Ajax WebMail, VoIP, SyncML Synchronization, CalDAV Sharing Support, Unicode, DKIM, Integration of GroupWare and Email XMPP Transport
8.9.1 December 23, 2006 Active Directory Sync, Remote API, DB Migration Spam Quarantine with Reports, MDA Processing Queues, Multiple RBLs, Razor2
8.5 May 29, 2006 IM Transports, Email Push via IMAP IDLE, Free/Busy Publishing, Group Accounts, RSET Protection, Content Indexing
8.3.8 January 9, 2006 Session Monitoring, Public GroupWare Folders, Email Archivation Tool, Performance Enhancements
8.3 November 7, 2005 SNMP, SPF and SRS, DomainKeys, SMTP Greeting Delay, Greylisting, Distributed Domains
8.2 June 29, 2005 Linux Port Release
8 February 3, 2005 Administration Interface Revamped, Online Monitoring and Statistics Command Line Control, Web Server with Proxy, FTP Server
7.6 November 13, 2004 SURBL, Password Policies, Remote Server Watchdog, Nested GroupWare Folders
7.4 March 31, 2004 Active Directory integration, COM object API
7.2 January 29, 2004 SpamAssassin, Challenge-Response
7 November 12, 2003 GroupWare with Outlook integration, S/MIME
6 July 15, 2003 Integrated Anti-Spam Instant Messaging, HTTP Tunnel, WebMail skins, LDAP shared folders
5.1 September 11, 2002 IMAP shared folders, Integrated Anti-Virus, Content Filtering
4 July 15, 2001 SSL/TLS, LDAP server, Intrusion Prevention, System backup tool
3 November 23, 2000 ODBC support, WebMail for MS Mobile Explorer and Nokia WAP Toolkit 2.0
2.1 May 1, 1999 First public release

Related Services[edit]

IceWarp operates services that are peripheral to its core product, IceWarp Server.

These include support contracts, consulting and training.


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