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end of editing

my mobile has died. thanks for all who stood by me: straightforwardly and friendly.

original OR real name: vishnuvardhan

kindly pay attention

  • rule : suggestions or critiques for doubt or query on english wiki, must be updated on my english wiki talk page. the rule applies on other language wikis also. still, if you want to deviate or make an exception for good or an exceptional reason, tap or click below hyperlink [ black text on yellow background ]. good luck !!!!!

for other suggestion OR critique is welcome here

suggestion or request or demand or help

help me by pointing out any mistake or provide suggestion, never and ever hesitate to contact me.


always use "desktop" at the bottom of wikipage, never use "request desktop site"

so many edits in a single section ?

i have low end mobile device with 512mb with android 5.1, non google play. my fennec sometimes make data disappear or resets if i dont save or publish immediately. one section or paragraph at a time, subject to number of references.

  • no i did not sold or replaced device, i am merely updating everything in a single edit. see above [ wisdom ]