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Heroes of Wikipedia[edit]

For starting up the Article incubator...

A great team who proved that 10,000 new (non-vandal) editors per month left Wikipedia straight away... [1]

Number of active editors levelled out, and is now falling.

For acknowledging that the best Wikipedia editors often leave Wikipedia, "burnt out".

Wikipedia Chairman... 2011.

A fascinating array of final tarpit mortal struggles and failures can be seen linked from the graveyard of Wikipedian tombstones - will this inevitable fate await us all?

Oh God it's all falling apart!

For getting the whole shebang off the ground.

User:Jimbo Wales

The editors with the most edits.

User:Rich_Farmbrough - coder. Personality. Unambiguously British - 1 million edits

Hardworking editors - e.g., WP:MOSTEDITS BBC News profiles some top Wikipedia editors

Last, but not least, Cobi: Cobi's auto-vandalism revert saves Wikipedia single-handed. It will carry on working forever... no manual intervention.

Campus Ambassadors are committed to building Wikipedia.

Wikimedia Foundation Outreach project volunteers - Wikipedia Ambassadors, etc.