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It seems ironic that the intention to reduce likelihood of deletion has resulted in an "MfD" deletion proposal.

As a newcomer, any advice on how to attribute opinions in main space without seeming like an advert would be much appreciated. There seems to me a dichotomy between "no advert" and "attribute all opinions". I was trying to use this page to show background information while discussing additions to the main article.

Advert / Opinion dichotomy... For instance, even with adequate references the sentence - "Relate holds the view that..." could be interpreted as trying to increase the exposure of the organisation in main space. Whereas on Talk pages these statements do not get indexed by search-engines, etc.

Any links to examples, guidelines or previous discussions about treading this fine line would be gratefully received. Many thanks. ♥ VisitingPhilosophertalkcontribs 19:33, 13 October 2012 (UTC)