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Janie Schaffer
Born 25 December 1961
Residence London
Nationality British
Occupation Director of lingerie & beauty - Marks & Spencer
Children Amber, Daisy, Madison

Janie Schaffer (born 1961) is a British businesswoman, founder of Knickerbox and currently the director of lingerie and beauty at Marks & Spencer.[1][2] Schaffer is commonly referred to by international media as the ‘knicker queen’.[3] [4]

Early Life[edit]

Born Janie Godber, she attended the London School of Fashion.[5][6]

Business Career[edit]

Working in her early years as a young designer, Janie Schaffer joined Marks & Spencer in 1983 as a trainee buyer.[7][8] The 1980s saw the emergence of niche retailing in the UK, with many new businesses trading from small retail outlets on busy high streets.[9] Schaffer identified a significant opportunity in lingerie as the market was worth billions, with Marks & Spencer holding a 40% share.[10]


In October 1986 Janie Schaffer and her future spouse Stephen Schaffer launched lingerie chain Knickerbox with a £75,000 investment loan, opening their first store on Regent Street, London.[11] [12] Kickerbox had 12,000 customers during the first week of trading and quickly expanded, opening 13 more stores throughout the UK by the end of the year.[13] Within two years the company was making annual profits of over £6 million, and by 1992 the business had expanded to 70 stores.[14] [15] In 1995, with Knickerbox consisting of 140 stores across Britain, Europe and the Far East, the duo decided to sell the company.[16][17] Knickerbox significantly influenced the way in which underwear was sold, transforming it from a necessity to a desirable fashion accessory.[18] After taking time out to be with her triplet daughters, Janie Schaffer consulted for The Oasis Group, developing and launching the Odille lingerie line.[19] [20]

Recent Years[edit]

In January 2008 Janie Schaffer accepted a role as Chief Creative Officer with US retailer Victoria’s Secret, a subsidiary of Fortune 500 firm Limited brands Inc with 1,025 stores worldwide.[21] During Schaffer’s time at Victoria’s Secret the company saw strong sales figures and price growth.[22] In November 2012 it was announced that Janie Schaffer would be returning to London to take up a full-time position as Director of lingerie and beauty for Marks & Spencer.[23][24] Schaffer will start in her new role at M&S in early 2013.[25]


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