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Hello! I'm Marcello Barnaba, an Italian computer nerd, born on April, 11th 1981, currently located phisically in Rome and virtually on http://sindro.me/ (my blog ;).

My interests range from Software Development to Computer Networks and Security, from Maths to Physics and Astronomy.. more generally, anything that's Science related. I do not endorse faith-related thinkings, and I'm hardly capable of remembering something if I haven't fully grasped the inner workings of a system (of any kind). I could define myself as a strong follower of the Hacker culture and its way of thinking and open-mindness, but I regret being referred to as a Computer Hacker, because I know that "my wisdom is limited to an awareness of my own ignorance" (Socrates' principle).

I may be referred to as a Geek or Nerd, and I'm very proud of it :).

I'm a strong advocate of the Open Source Movement and Culture, I try to spend efforts in Open Source software whenever possible.

My favorite Programming Language (ATM) is Ruby, I use to write software also in C, C++, Perl and PHP.

I love Wikipedia and its principles of collaboration for humanity knowledge's sake, and I'll try to do my best on the site.

-- Marcello