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vkvora male Age 72 years.

Only member of VK Royal Society. Atheist, Rationalist, Humanist.

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Mobile : +91 98200 86813 (Mumbai)

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On the Earth 23.0917 North Latitude, 69.0619 East Longitude or about 23-05'-30" N, 69-03'-43" E, Where user studied up to 6th Standard and than after 5 years in Government High School, Dumra Kutch, India. User was knowing universe and billion of Galaxies containing trillion of Stars from Geography and user has seen the Taluka Revenue Head quarter Nalia (now Nalia Cant) after metriculation exam. Nalia is 30 Kms away from village of user. The Bullock cart was only means of transportation used traditionally since ancient times in India, which then was what the Indian subcontinent is now. When user was in 9th in Dumra village, user read the Novel Les Misérables Part One in Gujarati Language, the best-known work of Victor-Marie Hugo (1802-1885).

Present Address : Mumbai (Bombay) where user has seen the Tables of logarithms first time in 1967.

User was a regular student for six years in Bombay (Now Mumbai) and still student.
User do not remember what he studied in 1974 in the book 'The Poverty of Philosophy' a book by Karl Marx published in Paris and Brussels in 1847 and 'The Philosophy of Poverty' in it, Marx criticizes the economic and philosophical arguments of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon set forth.

User has seen the Scientific Calculator in 1974 and using Computer since 1989 (PC XT 20 MB) and installed the Chess Master 2000 programme from 5.5" floppy in 1990.

User has created his profile on Yahoo member Directory on 14th December, 2000.
User has purchased the Microsoft's Encarta CD in 2001 and Chess Master 9000 CD in 2003.
On 25th April, 2006 user visited the Ancient Metropolitan City Dholavira.
User will try to follow Official policy of the English Wikipedia and requesting others to help him on vandalism to Wikipedia.

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  • Dholavira the Ancient Metropolitan City in India. Application is pending for World Heritage Site.
  • World Heritage Site of UNESCO.
  • Constitution of India Democratic and Republic country have blind faith in God and Religion at the cost of those who do not belive in God and Religion. The Constitution failed to remove corruption and poverty in the country.
  • Somnath Temple. The Monument of Indian Caste System.
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel he was Sardar in constructuion of Somnath Temple also.
  • Mahatma Gandhi Truth is God believe in God.
  • chess Indian Origin.
  • Kutch is now district.
  • Gujarat famous for caste based system. Chief Minister Narendra Modi was not allowed to enter in USA.
  • Mumbai Suburban Railway Full of commuters for 24 hours and there is no alternate for 3500 deaths per year on Railway Tracks.
  • Myth, Mythology figures prominently in most religions, and most mythology is tied to at least one religion. While in common usage of "myth" say mithyatva in Gujarati and Hindi Language, the word originally meant something false or dubious (nearly all dictionaries include this definition).
  • Religion the myth stories. Removed from primary and secondary education around the world.
  • Philosophy of Religion is myth subject.

Poverty and Hunger and World Hunger - India[edit]

Flag of India.svgThis user lives in India