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Current Netcasts[edit]

Name of netcast Date first aired Hosted by Description
this WEEK in TECH 2004-01-18 Leo Laporte Casually referred to as TWiT, and originally known as Revenge of The Screen Savers, this is the flagship netcast of the network, and features roundtable discussions and debates surrounding the latest technology news.
Security Now! 2005-08-19 Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson Released each Thursday, Security Now! consists of a discussion between Steve Gibson and Laporte about issues of computer security and, conversely, insecurity. Every second episode consists of listener questions and feedback, depending on computer security news events, with out-of-rotation episodes or Gibson's Tech Guy radio show segments released on this feed for major events.
Jumping Monkeys
A netcast focusing on parenting in the digital age with Megan Morrone and Laporte. Each episode features an interview with someone from the world of technology who is also a parent. The hosts also discuss interesting web sites from the three categories "spend, save, give" and read listener feedback.
The first of the shows to be broadcast live (via TalkShoe), net@nite is hosted by Laporte and Amber MacArthur, and focuses primarily on the phenomenon of Web 2.0.
Daily Giz Wiz
In this daily netcast, Laporte and Mad Magazine writer Dick DeBartolo discuss classic, strange and appealing gadgets.
FLOSS Weekly
Currently hosted by Laporte and Randall Schwartz, FLOSS Weekly features interviews with key figures from the world of Free/Libre/Open-Source Software.
Futures in Biotech
Futures in Biotech looks at emerging biotechnology and interviews prolific members of the field. It is hosted by Marc Pelletier..
Windows Weekly
Paul Thurrott and Laporte discuss Microsoft's software and hardware in depth.
Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy
Leo Laporte's syndicated weekend technology call-in radio show distributed by Premiere Radio Networks. Currently distributed on two-day delay.
MacBreak Weekly
Mac focused netcast.
The Laporte Report
A feed of appearances by Laporte on other radio shows, such as Bill Handel on KFI and John Donabie on CFRB.
This Week in Law
Law-focused netcast featuring Denise Howell, Cathy Kirkman, Ernie Svenson, and John Palfrey.
A food focused netcast hosted by Cammy Blackstone and Leo Laporte