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en This user is a native speaker of English.
fr-1 Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau élémentaire de français.

This user begrudgingly deciphers the International Phonetic Alphabet, but only in order to create respelling pronunciations for normal people!
tough, though, through, thought
This user supports
English spelling reform.
This user has no understanding of the Cursive form of the Hebrew alphabet.
This user does not understand the International Phonetic Alphabet.
This user has no understanding of the Katakana or Hiragana.

Majority ≠ right This user recognizes that even if 300,000,000 people make the same mistake, it's still a mistake.
they This user considers singular they standard English usage.
Regarding gender, this user will use the vernacular, not what is politically correct.
by This user has no opinion about the passive voice.
snuk This user says snuck.
"There's" with a plural subject This user knows that "there's" with a plural subject is a pervasive grammatical error. There's There are too many people making this mistake. Don't be one of them.

to¦go This user chooses to sometimes use split infinitives.
with, at, in, for, to... This user has no opinion about ending a sentence with a preposition.
This user thinks that too many people have no idea how to use words that they should have learned in grade two.
if & whether This user knows how to use "if" and "whether" correctly.
This user understands the difference between using "than" and "then."
This user thinks that there are too many people who don’t know that they're worse than their own children at spelling!
This user thinks that if your grammar is incorrect, then you’re in need of help.
its & it’s This user understands the difference between its and it’s. So should you.
whom This user insists upon using whom wherever it is called for, and fixes the errors of whomever he sees.
You and Me This user thinks that if you believe it is incorrect to use "you and me" as the object of a sentence, a little talk needs to be had by you and me...
which & that This user knows how to use which and that correctly.
less & fewer This user understands the difference between less & fewer.
much & many This user understands the difference between much & many.
English Singulars: "The data is..." This user recognizes that "data", "media", and "agenda" have become incorporated into English as singular nouns.
ain't nobody This user hates seeing double negatives clutter up the English language. He wants to stomp it out no matter what it takes.
based Based on experience, this user knows that based off is nearly always incorrect.
-ly This user mourns the apparent death of the adverb, a loss that this user feels most serious.
DM Causing unintended humor, this user edits dangling modifiers.
golden toad This user advocates lowercase common names in an encyclopedia.

. The This user does not put two spaces after a full stop.
, This user fixes comma splices. They are annoying.
A, B, and C This user prefers the serial comma.
’s Thi's user know's that not every word that end's with s need's an apostrophe and will remove misused apostrophe's from Wikipedia with extreme prejudice.
“…” This user favors curly quotation marks over straight style.
“…,” For quotation marks, this user would rather use “American punctuation.”
This user terminates excessive use of exclamation points and question marks on sight. Grow up!
This user is addicted to ellipses and has been known to use them indiscriminately...
; This user is addicted to semicolons; he uses them frequently.
ə This user is a Grammar Nazi.
Pickyness Pickiness This user changes the adjective ending "y" to "i" to form nouns with "-ness".
This user is a member of the
Wikipedia Typo Team.
“,;:’ This user is a punctuation stickler.
USage decline This user uses American English, but is appalled at its rapid and continuing deterioration.

Johann Joachim Winckelmann (Angelika Kaufmann).jpg This user employs a more formal style of writing in articles than in talk pages.
you one This user knows that one should not use "you" in encyclopedia articles or other formal works.
AIM-3 Sweeet!!!!! LOL, Dis user has an advanced understanding of da AOL IM lingoz! Rok on!!!! :D

1337-0 This user has no idea what 1337 is or prefers to contribute using proper words.
pig-0 Isthay ersonpay oesday otnay understandyay Igpay Atinlay.
Rot13-1 Guvf hfre vf noyr gb pbagevohgr jvgu n onfvp yriry bs Ebg13.
IntS-1 This uxor is a lamer at Internet slang, but still lieks to throw in teh occasional "lol" or "omg" on his blog.
blz-0 This user doesn't understand, or wish to understand any blazon
124 150 151 163 040 165 163 145 162 040 151 163 040 146 154 165 145 156 164 040 151 156 040 101 123 103 111 111 054 040 145 166 145 156 040 157 143 164 141 154 040 050 150 157 162 162 157 162 163 041 051
This user does not understand EBCDIC.
nws-1 This user newspeaks plusungoodwise.
blksp-0 This user doesn't know any of the Black Speech of Mordor and most likely has never even read The Lord of the Rings.
Nds-0 This droog knows nothing about Nadsat.
Ewok-0 Chi ita lungee
tng-0 This user does not understand Tengwar.
Guitar-0 This user does not play the Guitar (but will one day!).

BS-2 This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of Bullshit.
LE-0 This individual still maintains a shred of dignity in this insane world by adhering to correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization.
dm-0 This user doesn't understand, or wish to understand death metal roars, screams, grunts, snarls, or growls.
fgn-1 This user can scrape by in at least one dialect of foreign.
gb-0 This user cannot tolerate any form of Gibberish language, and is therefore easily emotionally traumatized by The Sims.
Lipsum Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
mth-N This user can solve ADVANCED math problems in his head.
ubx-4 This user is an expert userbox user.
... This user would like to be able to speak some more languages.
dlph-0 This user cannot speak, has considerable difficulty speaking, or does not wish to speak dolphin.
sar-4 This user is a near-native speaker of sarcasm.
chef-0 Zees user-a duesn't speek zee Cheffspeek. Bork Bork Bork!
den-0 Dieser User findet Denglisch uncool.
Wiktionary-logo-v2.svg This user uses Wiktionary as his primary dictionary.

Ada-0 This user does not understand Ada, or refuses to program in it.
asm-3 This user is an advanced assembly language programmer.
bash-2 This user is an intermediate Bash programmer.
BASIC-2 This user is an intermediate BASIC programmer.
TI-83.png This user is a native TI-BASIC programmer.
vb-1 This user is a beginner Visual Basic programmer.
vba-1 This user is a beginner Visual Basic for Applications programmer. This user is an advanced Visual Basic .NET programmer.
bat-3 This user is an advanced Batch programmer.
C-4 This user is an expert C programmer.
C++-4 This user is an expert C++ programmer.
C#-4 This user is an expert C# programmer.
objc-0 This person does not understand Objective-C (or understands it with considerable difficulties, or does not want to program in Objective-C).
D-0 This user does not understand D or does not want to program in D.
js-1 This user is a beginning JavaScript programmer.
for-1 This user is a beginning Fortran programmer.
G-0 This person does not understand G-code (or does not want to program in G-code).
hs-3 This user is an advanced Haskell programmer.
Java-2 This user is an intermediate Java programmer.
Lambda lc.svg This user is an intermediate Scheme programmer.
Lua-1 This user is a beginning Lua programmer.
MAT-2 This user is an intermediate MATLAB programmer and user.
Perl-0 This user does not understand Perl, or can only read it knowing AWK and *NIX shells.
php-1 This user is a beginning PHP programmer.
py-0 This person does not understand Python (or understands it with considerable difficulties, or does not want to program in Python).
re-1 This user writes regular expressions at a basic level.
rb-0 This person does not understand Ruby (or does not want to program in Ruby).
SQL-3 This user is an advanced SQL programmer.
mysql-1 This user is a beginning MySQL user.
Tcl-0 This person does not understand Tcl (or understands it with considerable difficulties, or does not want to script in Tcl).
vhdl-2 This user is an intermediate VHDL chip designer.
css-3 This user is an advanced Cascading Style Sheets user.
HTML-4 This user is an expert HTML user.
LaTeX logo.svg-0 This user cannot use, or refuses to use, LaTeX typesetting.
{{Wiki}} This user is an expert writer in the MediaWiki language.
{{t|3}} This user contributes to the template namespace with confidence.
svg-0 This person does not understand SVG (or understands it with considerable difficulties, or does not want to write SVG).
math-0 This user either doesn't know how to code MathML, or wishes they didn't.
xml-1 This user is a beginning XML coder.
xhtml-0 This person does not understand XHTML, but might know that Wikipedia uses it.
XUL This user would rather cross the streams than code in XUL.
w:) This user is a wiki markup enthusiast.
QuickBASIC-1 This user just started writing in QuickBASIC.
prog-N This user thinks in bytecode and dreams of electric sheep.
prog Like one third of Wikipedians, this user is a programmer.
This user loves Recursion!
This user loves Recursion!
This user loves Recursion!
This user loves Recursion!
This user loves Recursion!

Q q This user's favorite letter in the English alphabet is Q.
Ω ω This user's favorite letter in the Greek alphabet is Ωμέγα.

Emperor penguins.jpg This user knows that penguins are evil!
Cat03.jpg This user has been scratched several times by their pet cat.
Dark Shaded Golden Maine Coon Female cat.jpg This user likes Maine Coons.
Sterling.png This user thinks no outfit is complete without cat hair.
Cat03.jpg This user has tested the
buttered cat paradox.
Cat03.jpg This user believes that cats are NOT food.

Gatto europeo3.jpg This user likes cats

Zuby31.JPG This user is allergic to cats.
This user firmly believes that puppy mill operators should spend some time with this guy. Military dog barking.JPG
Loup Oudry.jpg This user knows that wolf hunting with dogs is parricide.
Fennek schlafend.JPG This user might mistake the Fennec Foxes for cotton balls.
Mosquito 2007-2.jpg
This user dislikes
LutraCanadensis fullres.jpg This user knows that otters are fantastic.
MeerkatAtHappyHollow white background.jpg This user is a mammal.
No pet.svg This user is not a pet owner.
No pet.svg This user thinks pets should only come from an animal shelter.
Status iucn3.1 EN.svg This user never wants to see the image on the left again.
Black Paw.svg This user cares about animals.
Archaeopteryx lithographica (Berlin specimen).jpg This user knows that birds are dinosaurs.

SIA Boeing 777-300 landing This user is interested in aviation.
SMirC-puke.svg THIS USER HATES PULLING HIGH G LOADS! Emblem-deadly.svg
Spitfireminiicon.jpg This user has flown in simulated combat.
AVIA BUTTON big.png This user can interpret raw METAR data.
JAL2001incident.png This user is interested in air safety.
Computer n screen.svg This user has flown aircraft...on his computer, that is!
LufthansaItalia A319 D-AKNH MXP 2010-04-06.jpg This user flies in economy class.
Air Canada Boeing 787-8 C-GHPQ (14388690350).jpg This user is a Boeing 787 Dreamliner fan.
Lufthansa-1.jpg This user has flown as a passenger on a Boeing 737.
Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor JSOH.jpg This user is a fan of the F-22 Raptor.
Southwest Airlines logo 2014.svg This user's favorite airline is Southwest Airlines.

This user has a driver's license.
ULTra 001.jpg This user prefers personal rapid transit or Cabinentaxi.
Nissan Leaf Nismo Concept.jpg This user likes electric cars.
Ford This user is a Ford enthusiast.
Sync This user loves the Ford Sync voice-activated system!
Ford-Focus-SE-sedan.jpg This user drives a Ford Focus.
05-07 Ford Taurus SE sedan.jpg This user wanted to make the Ford Taurus stay running in its initial discontinuation, but now it's back.
JT This user thinks your "Jeep Thing" is a load a crap and doesn't care to understand.
SUBARU IMPREZA GC8V.JPG This user thinks the Impreza is a spin-off of the Mitsubishi Lancer.

Midnight green This user's favourite colour is midnight green.

Indigo This user loves the colour indigo.
Bk This user understands that black isn't a colour, but favours it nevertheless.
5Color Additive.png This user dreams in color.
The color code for this user's favorite color is #004953.
Colouring pencils.jpg This user likes Colours!!
AdditiveColor.svg This user thinks in RGB-additive color.
no pink This user can't stand the colour pink on most things.
This user knows that shiny is a color.

Desktop computer clipart - Yellow theme.svg
This user's favorite subject is computing.
Nuvola apps important square.svg
This user knows just enough about computers to be dangerous.
Cool PC with lights.jpg
This user prefers PC.
Crystal krfb.png This user contributes using a PC they built themselves.
Computer n screen.svg This user is interested in computer science.
1983 CPA 5426 (1).png This user greatly admires Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī.
PD-icon.svg This user is against DRM.
Against cyberbullying.svg This user is against cyberbullying.
Glider.svg This user is a hacker, not a cracker. Know the difference!
RTFM This user believes that you should RTFM before asking questions.
Hacker inside.jpg This user supports 2600 and the hacking community.
Lipsum This user uses lorem ipsum as placeholder text to demonstrate the graphic elements of a document or visual presentation.
Comic Sans This user refuses to take seriously anything written in the Comic Sans font.
Computer keyboard.png This user can type 60 WPM.
Computer keyboard.png This user often makes mistakes while typing, and would like to take this oppurtunity to aoplogiae.
SIP This user is homies with the System Idle Process.
Load.gif This userbox is ...
8bit-dynamiclist.gif This user really likes old computers.
@ This user can be reached by email.
This user's Google Talk screenname is voidxor.
Skype.svg This user uses Skype.
His username is voidxor.

This user hates
* This user can be found on many IM networks.

ClamWin icon.png This user uses the open source ClamWin or ClamAV virus scanner.
? This user uses Common Sense to avoid malware infections.
Google Calendar.png This user uses Google Calendar.
Fz This user uploads websites with FileZilla.
Free software logos This user uses free software wherever and whenever possible.
Copyleft.svg This user prefers and supports Copyleft licensing.
GIMP This Wikipedian is an intermediate GIMP user. (we need you!)
UFRaw logo.png This user edits RAW files using UFRaw.
Pidgin This user uses Pidgin to chat on multiple instant messaging networks.
Nuvola-like mail internet.PNG This user uses his web browser to read his emails.
Outlookexpress uninstalled.svg This user has uninstalled
Outlook Express.
Crystal 128 k3b.png This user burns CDs with K3b.
This user contributes while using Windows Media Player.
Amarok.svg This user contributes while listening to Amarok.
VLC Icon.svg
This user contributes while using VLC Media Player.
You Tube This user contributes while listening to YouTube.
Puffy.png This user networks Linux PCs with OpenSSH and SSHFS.
This user prefers LibreOffice over Microsoft Office.
Microsoft Office 2013 logo.svg
The Pirate Bay logo.svg This user supports The Pirate Bay.
This user reads PDFs with Adobe Reader. Adobe Acrobat XI.png
doPDF This user creates PDFs in Windows with the freeware doPDF.
Kate-icon.png This user contributes using Kate.
GNU-Nano-Logo.png This user contributes using
GNU nano.
EDIT.COM_ This user contributes using MS-DOS Editor.
Crystal Clear app kword.png This user writes with Notepad.
Notepad plus plus.png This user contributes using Notepad++.
KWrite This user contributes using KWrite.
@ This user has an account at SETI@home.
BOINCManager.png This user BOINCs
as voidxor.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg This user uses Google Earth often.
Portable Apps This user uses portable applications to run software off a portable device.
Firewall bw.png
This user is using a firewall to protect his computer.

ABP This user enjoys an ad-free internet thanks to Adblock Plus.
Chromium Logo.svg This user hates the new Google Chrome and Chromium logos.
Fx This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.

2005 This user has been a member of Wikipedia since 2005.
W3C This user believes in compliance with W3C standards.
W3C This user validates the mark-up on his webpages.
EBay logo.svg This user buys and sells on eBay as voidxor.
▒┘ě This user hates mojibake.
No Facebook.svg This user does not "Like" Facebook.
Facebook prohibited sign This user is Facebook-free.
Crystal Clear app starthere.png
This user uses Google Maps.
Add This user is found on many virtual communities.
Pandora Wordmark 2016 RGB.png This user rates his music so that Pandora can learn.
Nuvola apps kdmconfig.png This user is a member of LinuxTVWiki.
Tor-logo-2011-flat.svg This user supports the
Tor Project.

New youtube logo.png
This user watches videos on YouTube.
YouTube logo 2015.svg This user has a YouTube account.
Crystal kwrite.png This user never reads anything useful on a blog—ever.
Google 2015 logo.svg This user's favourite search engine is Google.
G This user will use Google before asking dumb questions.
G This user prefers Google over Yahoo. Y
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user uses Wikipedia as a primary point of reference.
BB This user contributes using a broadband connection.
IP This user has a dynamic IP address.
Speed This user's download speed is 30000 kbps and upload speed is 5000 kbps.

Hello! My alias is voidxor. I joined Wikipedia in 2005 and have been editing ever since.


Etymology of voidxor

If you are a computer programmer, you may have already noticed that voidxor is a concatenation of the programming terms void and XOR.

Originally, I had planned to use voidxorsub as my alias. A function that returns nothing (this is called a subprocedure in Visual Basic) must be declared void in C, C++, and C# or sub in Visual Basic. Since XOR represents the exclusive-or logic gate, placing it between void and sub indicates that one or the other would be used to declare a function that returns nothing, but never both terms.

Each computer programming term in voidxorsub denotes a piece of my programming knowledge:

Since voidxorsub is annoyingly long for an alias, I ultimately decided to go with just voidxor.


I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering and a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering, both from the University of Kansas.


Date User Barnstar
2015-06-16 Esquivalience The Special Barnstar
2015-07-27 Dsimic The Barnstar of Diligence

Meetups attended

This editor is a Veteran Editor II and is entitled to display this Bronze Editor Star.
Date City Meetup
2013-01-15 Topeka, Kansas Wikipedia:Meetup/Topeka/Wikipedia Day
2014-04-08 Lawrence, Kansas Wikipedia:Meetup/Lawrence/Wikipedia Tutorial
2014-11-22 Kansas City, Missouri Wikipedia:Meetup/Kansas City/U.S. World War I Museum Nov 2014
2015-03-07 Lawrence, Kansas Wikipedia:Meetup/Lawrence/ArtandFeminism 2015
2015-03-28 Kansas City, Missouri Wikipedia:Meetup/Kansas City/ArtandFeminism 2015

Wikipedians met

Wikipedians recruited

Significant contributions

Listed below is a sample of my significant contributions to Wikipedia.

New pages

Date Article Notes
2006-02-05 Comparison of mail servers Article has since been merged with List of mail servers.
2009-12-13 JoJo Turned redirect into disambiguation page.
2011-06-09 Comparison of defragmentation software Article was split from List of defragmentation software.
2011-11-24 Category:User vba-1
2012-09-25 Samsung Rugby Smart
2012-10-07 Category:User matlab-2
2013-05-27 Comparison of online brokerages in the United States
2014-11-22 National World War I Museum Article was split from Liberty Memorial.
2015-02-22 Template:Anatomy-terms/doc
2015-03-11 Template:Watching/doc Documentation was split from Template:Watching.
2015-04-02 Template:One source section/doc
2015-08-25 Template:Advert section
2015-08-25 Template:Advert section/doc
2015-12-01 Template:Computer death/doc Documentation was split from Template:Computer death.
2016-02-18 Template:Block notice/doc
2016-05-05 Template:Logs/doc

New redirects

Date Redirect Target
2006-12-06 NCFTP NcFTP
2006-12-06 MO drive Magneto-optical drive
2006-12-07 MO drives Magneto-optical drive
2007-02-11 Do You Believe in Love Do You Believe In Love
2007-03-18 Lens filter Photographic filter
2007-03-21 DDR 2 DDR2 SDRAM
2007-03-21 DDR 2 SDRAM DDR2 SDRAM
2007-03-21 DDR II DDR2 SDRAM
2007-06-04 Let the Sunshine in Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In
2007-07-01 Building engineer Building engineering
2007-07-01 National mall National Mall
2007-07-01 Flint hills Flint Hills
2007-07-21 Complex PTSD Complex post-traumatic stress disorder
2007-07-21 C-PTSD Complex post-traumatic stress disorder
2007-09-22 T38 T-38
2008-01-21 Airs Rock Uluru
2008-01-26 Don't You Don't You (Forget About Me)
2008-02-04 Snappers Snapper (disambiguation)
2008-02-09 Tork Torque
2008-02-10 Family Net FamilyNet
2008-02-29 BOINC projects List of distributed computing projects
2008-04-22 Galeleo Galileo Galilei
2008-06-24 Flash override Message precedence
2008-07-18 Compiler directives Directive (programming)
2008-07-27 Quick Books QuickBooks
2008-11-14 LeRoy Cain LeRoy E. Cain
2008-11-15 Liberation Sans Liberation fonts
2009-01-03 Spirit of Kansas 2008 Andersen Air Force Base B-2 accident
2009-01-08 Charlie Bolden Charles F. Bolden, Jr.
2009-01-08 TV Pack 2008 Windows Media Center
2009-02-05 Orcad OrCAD
2009-05-07 Circuit schematic Circuit diagram
2009-05-07 INSERT (SQL) Insert (SQL)
2010-03-07 Weiner filter Wiener filter
2010-08-03 Matrix time Bullet time
2011-05-01 Isoentropic Isentropic process
2011-06-24 Afternoon Train A-train (satellite constellation)
2011-06-24 Afternoon train A-train (satellite constellation)
2011-06-24 Afternoon constellation A-train (satellite constellation)
2011-06-24 Afternoon Constellation A-train (satellite constellation)
2011-09-04 Cherry Tree Records Cherrytree Records
2011-10-09 Memory fragmentation Fragmentation (computer)
2011-10-26 Cat. 5 Category 5 cable
2011-11-04 Boot-time defragmentation Defragmentation
2011-12-11 Vasili Borodin The Hunt for Red October (film)
2011-12-11 Vasily Borodin The Hunt for Red October (film)
2012-03-23 Modbus+ Modbus
2012-03-25 MB+ Modbus
2012-04-12 Top 1% We are the 99%
2012-04-12 The 1% We are the 99%
2012-06-01 Prime (finance) Subprime lending
2012-07-30 Coal unit Fossil-fuel power station
2012-08-03 List of Spanish holidays Public holidays in Spain
2012-09-15 SATA 3.0 Serial ATA
2012-09-25 Rugby Smart Samsung Rugby Smart
2012-09-25 Samsung SGH-i847 Samsung Rugby Smart
2012-09-25 SGH-i847 Samsung Rugby Smart
2012-09-25 Samsung Rugby Smart SGH-i847 Samsung Rugby Smart
2012-09-25 Samsung SGH-i847 Rugby Smart Samsung Rugby Smart
2012-10-05 ClockworkMod Recovery CyanogenMod
2012-10-28 Hoch Auditoria Budig Hall
2013-01-19 RAID 5 write hole RAID
2013-05-18 List of stereoscopic PlayStation 3 games List of 3D PlayStation 3 games
2013-05-27 Comparison of online brokers Comparison of online brokerages
2013-05-27 List of online brokerages Comparison of online brokerages
2013-05-28 Comparison of brokerage websites Comparison of online brokerages
2014-10-01 Cabless B unit
2014-10-12 MOS:DEFLIST Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lists#Definition lists
2014-12-01 MOS:NUMLIST Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lists#Numbered lists
2014-12-15 List of Chicago PD episodes List of Chicago P.D. episodes
2015-01-15 Linux Kernel Organization
2015-01-16 Care symbol Laundry symbol
2015-01-16 Care tag Laundry symbol
2015-02-01 RAID 01 Nested RAID levels#RAID 01
2015-02-01 RAID 50 Nested RAID levels#RAID 50
2015-02-01 RAID 60 Nested RAID levels#RAID 60
2015-02-01 RAID 100 Nested RAID levels#RAID 100
2015-02-02 RAID 03 Nested RAID levels#RAID 03
2015-02-22 Template talk:Anatomy-terms/doc Template talk:Anatomy-terms
2015-03-30 Alanase Beclometasone dipropionate
2015-04-25 Train stops Train stop
2015-05-09 HTML strict HTML#Transitional versus strict
2015-06-04 Alpine sled Alpine slide
2015-06-24 Larryville Lawrence, Kansas
2015-06-24 Larryville, Kansas Lawrence, Kansas
2015-06-24 River City, Kansas Lawrence, Kansas
2015-07-14 Eneloop Pro Eneloop#Eneloop Pro
2015-07-14 Eneloop Lite Eneloop#Eneloop Lite
2015-07-14 Eneloop Plus Eneloop#Eneloop Plus
2015-07-29 Ionization smoke detector Smoke detector#Ionization
2015-07-29 Photoelectric smoke detector Smoke detector#Photoelectric
2015-07-29 Optical smoke detector Smoke detector#Photoelectric
2015-07-29 Low self-discharge nickel–metal hydride battery Nickel–metal hydride battery#Low self-discharge
2015-08-04 Cat. 3 Category 3 cable
2015-08-04 Cat. 5e Category 5 cable
2015-08-04 Cat. 6 Category 6 cable
2015-08-19 MOS:COMMENT Wikipedia:Manual of Style#Invisible comments
2015-08-23 Flat yard Classification yard#Flat yard
2015-08-27 OxyVinyls Occidental Petroleum
2015-08-27 INDSPEC Occidental Petroleum
2015-08-27 INDSPEC Chemical Corporation Occidental Petroleum
2015-09-25 Template:Discussion bottom/doc Template:Discussion top/doc
2016-01-11 D state Advanced Configuration and Power Interface#Device states
2016-01-11 G state Advanced Configuration and Power Interface#Global states
2016-01-11 P state Advanced Configuration and Power Interface#Performance states
2016-01-11 S state Advanced Configuration and Power Interface#Global states
2016-02-18 Lumen depreciation Lumen maintenance
2016-03-04 MOS:DUPLINK Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Linking#Repeated links
2016-03-05 MOS:INDENTGAP Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Accessibility#Indentation
2016-03-05 MOS:ANIMATION Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Accessibility#Animations, videos and audio
2016-03-05 MOS:DEVIATIONS Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Accessibility#Styles and markup options
2016-03-27 DOCSIS 1.0 DOCSIS#DOCSIS 1.0
2016-03-27 DOCSIS 1.1 DOCSIS#DOCSIS 1.1
2016-03-27 DOCSIS 2.0 DOCSIS#DOCSIS 2.0
2016-03-27 DOCSIS 3.1 DOCSIS#DOCSIS 3.1
2016-05-19 Locomotive and Machine Company of Montreal Limited Montreal Locomotive Works#Early history
2016-06-28 Spatted Aircraft fairing
2016-08-11 IEEE 802.11z IEEE 802.11#802.11z
2016-08-17 Notch 8 Glossary of rail transport terms#Notch 8
2016-09-11 List of Indian Summers episodes Indian Summers#Overview
2016-09-21 List of Law & Order SVU episodes List of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episodes
2016-10-06 Get Windows 10 Windows 10 editions#Free upgrade
2016-12-07 New Taipei City, Taiwan New Taipei City

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See my move log.

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See my patrol log.

Pending changes (PC)

See my review log.

File Upload Wizard (FUW)

See my file list, and more significantly, my file list at Commons.

Merged pages

Date From Into
2013-01-19 RAID 5 write hole RAID
2014-03-08 Mains distribution unit Power distribution unit
2016-04-18 Template:Dunno Template:Unknown
2016-08-22 SNIA Technical Work Groups Storage Networking Industry Association
2016-08-23 SNIA Security TWG Storage Networking Industry Association
2016-08-24 SNIA Conformance Testing Program Storage Networking Industry Association
2016-08-31 Creative reuse Upcycling
2017-01-16 Globally unique identifier Universally unique identifier

Reported administrators' noticeboard incidents (ANI)

Date User Reason Outcome
2016-06-21 Beyond My Ken (talk · contribs) WP:OWN No result
2016-07-14 Beyond My Ken (talk · contribs) WP:OWN User requested indefinite block

Requests for administrator intervention against vandalism (AIAV)

Date User Reason Outcome
2016-04-18 NTAInc (talk · contribs) WP:ORGNAME Blocked indefinitely
2016-05-04 Loremipsumclub (talk · contribs) WP:ORGNAME Blocked indefinitely

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Date User Outcome
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2015-03-18 Business letter Suppressed
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2011-08-06 STS-51-L Persistent IP vandalism Semi protected for one month
2011-11-15 User:voidxor User request within own user space Semi protected indefinitely
2011-11-20 University of Kansas Recent IP vandalism Not enough recent disruptive activity
2013-10-09 RAID Persistent IP vandalism Semi protected for two weeks
2013-12-18 RAID Persistent IP vandalism Semi protected for one month
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2013-01-11 Skoosh Dictionary definition of made-up or obscure word featuring an irrelevant history of Scottish words and some spam-like external links. Deleted
2013-02-07 MemCheck Uncited mention of how the term is used by multiple people. Half of the article's text lists similar terms. Not encyclopedic nor a dictionary definition. Redirected
2017-01-02 Sanjib Sahoo This biography reads like a résumé, and might even be an autobiography or paid biography. It started its history as a cut-and-paste job from another website. I don't believe the subject meets the the notability standard for biographies of living persons. Deleted

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2011-02-21 Networked Media Tank Two-year-old undeveloped article merely defining an obscure term within proprietary software; not encyclopedic nor noteworthy Deleted
2012-10-26 Engineer In Transition Specific information on a single company's internal policy; not noteworthy; general lack of editor interest Deleted
2013-10-16 HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide (Fifth Edition) Lack of notability and references; possible spam Deleted
2014-10-06 Anti Collision Device Uncited and tagged as such for over three years; also largely duplicates Automatic train protection, Automatic Warning System, Train protection system, and Train Warning System (India) Merge proposed
2015-09-16 Sanjib Sahoo This biography reads like a résumé, and might even be an autobiography. It started its history as a cut-and-paste job from another website. I do not believe that officers of medium-sized companies (especially former ones) meet the the notability standard for biographies of living persons. Sole author removed template
2016-11-04 Planned Maintenance System in shipping This article is about one specific system or application (shipping), and thus not notable compared to computerized maintenance management systems as a whole. Deleted
2016-12-08 Boot Repair Disk Non-notable, uncited advertising Deleted
2016-12-18 Service specific face plate As a 10 cm piece of plastic deployed by one or two companies in one country, I don't believe this to be notable. We don't even have a wallplate article (or else I'd propose merging), so how is this worthy of its own article? Deleted
2016-12-25 IBM 3624 Individual models of automatic teller machine (ATM) are not notable, and generally don't get their own Wikipedia articles. Counterexamples provided
2016-12-30 Compatibility testing Unencyclopedic litany of things that can be tested for compatibility. Likely original research. Note that Wikipedia is not a dictionary Crusading inclusionist WMF employee habitually deprodding without explanation

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2010-07-15 Noob Tube G4 – Recreation Deleted
2011-06-01 Noob Tube G4 – Recreation Deleted
2011-10-08 Memory fragmentation A10 – Duplication Redirected
2012-10-26 Engineer in Training G6 – Technical move Moved
2013-02-16 Skoosh G4 – Recreation Deleted
2013-03-27 Continuous redial G6 – Technical move Moved
2013-06-01 Maintenance fee (EPA) G6 – Technical move Moved
2013-10-06 Automatic block signaling G6 – Technical move Moved
2014-09-14 Automatic train control G6 – Technical move Moved
2014-09-19 Automatic train protection G6 – Technical move Moved
2015-02-10 Template:Original research section G6 – Technical move Moved
2015-02-11 EOn G6 – Technical move Moved
2015-02-15 Template:POV section G6 – Technical move Moved
2015-02-22 Template:Copy edit section G6 – Technical move Deleted
2015-03-01 Yahoo Search G6 – Technical move Moved
2015-03-02 Yahoo G6 – Technical move Discussion requested
2015-04-30 Wikipedia talk:Meetup/Kansas City/ArtandFeminism 2015 G7 – Single-author request Deleted
2015-05-02 PDFtk G6 – Technical move Moved
2015-06-25 Rrepublic of China presidential election, 1996 R3 – Implausible typo Deleted
2015-07-20 Situational awareness G6 – Technical move MOS:ENGVAR trumps WP:COMMONNAME
2015-07-21 Bamboo textile G6 – Technical move Moved
2015-10-14 TradePMR G11 – Unambiguous advertising Deleted
2016-01-12 Template:Off topic G6 – Technical move Deleted
2016-01-14 List of filename extensions G6 – Technical move Moved
2016-07-06 Template:Official websites/single G8 – Broken dependency Deleted
2016-08-16 Slam-door train G6 – Technical move Deleted

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2014-11-30 Lumpers and splitters Lumping and splitting Gerund titles per WP:TITLEFORMAT No consensus
2015-03-04 Yahoo! Yahoo MOS:TMRULES WP:COMMONNAME
2016-01-06 2011–12 Saudi Arabian protests 2011–2012 Saudi Arabian protests Date ambiguity WP:DATERANGE

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2013-02-11 Non-RAID drive architectures RAID Not to merge
2014-01-23 Standard RAID levels RAID Not to merge
2014-10-06 Train Warning System (India) European Rail Traffic Management System Withdrawn
2014-11-13 List of railroad truck parts Bogie No consensus
2015-02-02 SNIA Technical Work Groups Storage Networking Industry Association Merged

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2015-02-03 Talk:Non-RAID drive architectures#Merge discussion Not to merge
2015-02-03 Talk:RAID#Merger proposal Not to merge
2015-02-08 Talk:List of distributed computing projects#Keep inactive projects in the list? Split section
2015-03-18 Talk:Yahoo!#Merger Proposal Not to merge
2015-07-16 Template talk:Table cell templates#Less busy-looking templates Format per proposal #2
2015-12-11 Portal talk:North American railways/Archive 1#Why the near duplicate portal? No result
2016-04-18 Template talk:Table cell templates#Merge missing-data templates Merge
2016-06-21 Template talk:Comparison of memory cards#Proposal to transpose No result
2017-01-16 Talk:Globally unique identifier#Merge into Universally unique identifier Merge

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2015-02-02 Dsimic The Editor's Barnstar
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2015-05-05 John Akehurst (photographer)
2015-08-24 Edison Tech Center

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2015-09-11 Caulking#Backer rod
2016-12-08 GNU GRUB#Features


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2009-08-10 Network Access Control

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2016-05-27 Demographic history of the United States


I've tagged 1 article, of which 1 tag remains:

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2015-05-05 John Akehurst (photographer)

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2016-04-05 Sender Policy Framework#Controversy

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2015-03-11 Cameron University#Presidents

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2014-12-10 Bossa nova#Piano
2014-12-10 Bossa nova#Strings
2015-02-01 Nested RAID levels#Comparison

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2015-02-20 Bogie

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2013-03-28 Anonymous call rejection

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2012-12-30 Moral hazard


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2011-10-26 Seasonal energy efficiency ratio#US government SEER standards

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2014-09-24 Sentry Group
2014-10-19 A unit
2014-11-09 Copper River and Northwestern Railway
2015-01-22 Swietenia
2015-01-22 Swietenia humilis
2015-01-26 Gingival graft
2015-04-15 Open wagon
2015-04-17 Garratt
2015-04-29 Trapezoidal thread forms
2015-05-05 John Akehurst (photographer)
2015-05-20 Mobile device
2015-05-24 I Drink Your Blood
2015-07-20 Situation awareness
2015-09-01 South-pointing chariot
2015-10-01 System of linear equations
2016-02-02 Glossary of North American railway terms
2016-02-19 Gas lighting
2016-03-18 Employee stock ownership plan
2016-04-05 Morphism
2016-04-06 Goodput
2016-05-27 Demographic history of the United States
2016-10-24 Recitation
2016-12-12 Logical volume management
2016-12-16 MPEG-1 Audio Layer II
2017-01-02 Tillie the All-Time Teller

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2011-11-11 Hit (Internet)
2011-12-02 Molniya orbit
2013-01-10 Bare machine
2013-04-05 Corona discharge
2013-06-16 Scheimpflug principle
2013-06-22 EcoCAR
2013-10-07 Track warrant
2013-12-30 SPEAR
2015-02-10 GMD SD40-2F
2015-04-19 Articulated locomotive
2016-11-07 Enterprise asset management
2016-12-17 RS4 Codici
2016-12-23 Attribute clash
2016-12-26 Software incompatibility
2017-01-06 File system API
2017-01-06 ShowShifter


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2014-12-16 NZR RM class
2016-08-17 SNIA Security TWG

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2011-11-15 Scandinavian flick
2011-11-15 Opposite lock

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2017-01-01 MAC address#Applications


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2011-09-17 Engineer In Training
2011-10-09 Strategic Air and Space Museum
2014-12-31 BurrellesLuce
2016-03-30 UsedSoft
2016-12-10 Memtest86


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Date Article
2009-08-28 Total harmonic distortion
2009-11-06 Relay
2010-05-14 Three-phase
2010-10-24 Circuit breaker
2010-10-25 Burton Wold Wind Farm
2010-11-10 Colocation centre
2011-05-14 Order (group theory)
2011-06-05 High Roller (Stratosphere)
2011-06-05 Drop tower
2011-07-31 2G
2011-08-15 U.S. Bancorp
2012-10-23 Hoch Auditorium
2012-10-24 Doomsday device
2012-10-31 North American Electric Reliability Corporation
2013-03-28 Anonymous call rejection
2013-06-24 AWESOM-O
2013-07-03 High-visibility clothing
2013-08-10 Middleware
2013-09-02 McClellan oscillator
2013-09-22 Disk mirroring
2013-09-29 Snapshot (computer storage)
2013-10-06 Kansas City City Hall
2013-10-06 Automatic block signaling
2013-11-10 Trusted client
2014-02-15 Tack piano
2014-04-20 Laundry symbol
2014-05-26 Glossary of rail transport terms
2014-09-17 British absolute block signalling
2014-10-10 Tutu (clothing)
2014-10-11 Anti Collision Device
2014-10-20 GWR Autocoach
2014-10-24 Dead-man's vigilance device
2014-10-26 Annett's key
2014-10-28 Affidavit
2014-11-15 ICF Bogie
2014-12-26 Binaural recording
2014-12-30 Exchange-traded note
2015-01-03 Vehicle size class
2015-01-26 Periodontology
2015-01-31 Storage Networking Certification Program
2015-02-04 NMVOC
2015-02-16 Western Pacific Railroad
2015-03-02 Investor
2015-04-05 Frog (horse)
2015-04-05 Railroad switch
2015-04-24 Elastomer
2015-04-30 Gargling
2015-05-24 The Manson Family (film)
2015-05-24 Manson (film)
2015-05-26 Sateen
2015-05-31 Conservation status
2015-06-04 Alpine slide
2015-06-06 Glossary of jazz and popular music
2015-06-07 Glossary of musical terminology
2015-06-07 Flare (countermeasure)
2015-07-21 Nine-volt battery
2015-07-29 Differential (mechanical device)
2015-08-10 Auto-Owners Insurance
2015-08-12 Light-emitting diode
2015-08-24 Edison Tech Center
2015-09-09 Control Car Remote Control Locomotive
2015-09-09 Distributed power
2015-09-11 Caulking
2015-11-05 Networker (train)
2016-01-11 Memory barrier
2016-02-02 Boxcar
2016-04-07 Whistle post
2016-04-07 Root directory
2016-04-26 Day trader
2016-06-21 SpaceShipOne flight 15P
2016-08-23 Storage Networking Industry Association
2016-10-28 IEC 61850
2016-11-04 Computerized maintenance management system
2016-11-07 Maintenance, repair, and operations
2016-11-22 Ground glass joint
2016-12-08 Wattmeter
2016-12-08 Scroll compressor
2016-12-08 Dichroic filter
2016-12-13 Chuck Peddle
2016-12-13 Exakta
2016-12-13 Extent (file systems)
2016-12-13 Allocate-on-flush
2016-12-16 Midtown Madness 3
2016-12-16 Far Cry Instincts
2016-12-16 Automake
2016-12-16 Optical disc drive
2016-12-17 Meridian Norstar
2016-12-20 Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System
2016-12-22 Global title
2016-12-26 Phire CMS
2016-12-30 setjmp.h
2016-12-30 Sid Meier's Pirates! (2004 video game)
2017-01-03 Unit Control Block
2017-01-05 Candle
2017-01-06 Truman Medical Center-Hospital Hill
2017-01-06 WBFS
2017-01-21 lm_sensors

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Date Article and section
2015-01-05 Standard RAID levels#Comparison
2015-02-01 Nested RAID levels#Comparison
2015-06-25 Lawrence, Kansas#Media
2015-07-01 SketchUp#Google
2015-07-13 Nickel–metal hydride battery#Electrochemistry
2015-07-29 Chariot#Europe
2015-08-26 10 Gigabit Ethernet#Standards
2015-08-26 10 Gigabit Ethernet#Physical layer modules
2015-09-21 FHA insured loan#Refimprove section
2016-03-13 Wash sale#Consequences
2016-03-13 Flare#Fusee
2016-08-14 DV#Magnetic tape
2016-12-03 Host protected area#Use
2016-12-11 SpeedStep#Explanation
2016-12-17 Digital television transition#Timeline
2016-12-18 Analog hole#Engineering vs. business and political views
2016-12-19 Printed circuit board#Cordwood construction

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Date Article
2011-12-02 Rigid needle adapter
2011-12-20 Big Jay (mascot)
2012-07-23 Lava (programming language)
2012-10-19 Fixed Dialing Number
2012-10-26 LGA 771
2013-01-10 ERP for IT
2013-03-20 Priority call
2013-03-26 Call blocking
2013-03-27 Continuous redial
2013-12-04 Center for Creative Photography
2014-01-26 Buckling spring
2014-02-01 BOINC Credit System
2014-10-03 Gladhand connector
2014-12-16 NZR RM class
2014-12-22 Synaptic (software)
2015-01-26 American Board of Periodontology
2015-01-31 Storage Networking World
2015-01-31 Disk Data Format
2015-01-31 XAM
2015-02-19 MoneyBee
2015-02-26 Crocodile (train protection system)
2015-03-11 Check mark
2015-03-20 St Brelade's Church
2015-03-29 KCUR-FM
2015-04-02 Modal (textile)
2015-07-02 Audio/modem riser
2015-07-29 War wagon
2015-07-29 //Hus
2015-10-01 Ramp function
2016-01-08 Faraday paradox (electrochemistry)
2016-01-29 Cab (locomotive)
2016-03-18 Employee stock purchase plan
2016-03-27 CableLabs
2016-03-27 DOCSIS Set-top Gateway
2016-04-05 Zeroshell
2016-08-17 SNIA Security TWG
2016-11-02 The Chatterley Affair
2016-12-13 Exakta
2017-01-02 IBM 3624
2017-01-16 International identifier
2017-01-19 Collision (computer science)

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Date Article and section
2016-12-03 MythTV#Tuner-card support
2016-12-08 GNU GRUB#Features
2016-12-10 Architectural lighting design#Architectural design media
2016-12-10 Architectural lighting design#Halogen lamp
2016-12-10 Architectural lighting design#Carbon arc lamp
2016-12-10 Architectural lighting design#Discharge lamp
2016-12-12 LILO (boot loader)#Overview
2016-12-13 Compatible Time-Sharing System#Overview
2016-12-17 OpenCL#Extensions
2016-12-18 BOUML#Code generation and reverse engineering
2016-12-31 GUID Partition Table#Partition table header (LBA 1)
2017-01-14 Globally unique identifier#XML syndication formats
2017-01-15 Globally unique identifier#Uses


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