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Personal Details[edit]

Name: Vladimir Pertsel
Date of Birth: 06-December-1956
Place of Birth: s.Palatka, Magadan region, USSR (Russia)
Place of Residence: Tel-Aviv, Israel


Kolmogorov's school for physics and mathematics, Moscow, 1972-74
Math faculty, Urals State University, Ekaterinburg, 1974-1979
Postgraduate studies at the Urals State University, Ekaterinburg, 1979-1982
acquired PhD in mathematics (optimal control under uncertainty) in 1989
Postdoctoral studies at Weizmann Institute of sciences, 1993-1995

Professional information[edit]

Currently working as an algorithmist in a software company that produces medical equipment.


Due to the difference in the time zones in Magadan region, where I was born, and Sverdlovsk, where my gandparents lived, they had learned about me on the 5-th of December. The interesting fact is that that was the 25-th anniversary of their wedding. This makes me celebrate my birthday two days, on the 5-th and the 6-th.

In 1973 was a winner of the all-USSR mathematical competition in my grade, and in 1972 and 1974 got the second prise. I did not participate in the international competition, because I failed to obtain a letter of reference from the Young Communist League, therefore, I was denied international passport.