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On Wikipedia civil society[edit]

As the old lawyer’s line says, if the facts are on your side, pound the facts; if the law is on your side, pound the law; if neither are on your side, pound the table. I’d add: and demand “civility.” - Paul Krugman, NY Times column [1].

From Collect's essay:

  • "The person who posts the greatest amount of repeated verbiage to a discussion, is least likely to be correct."
  • "The person who is most insistent on specific sources is least likely to have found the best sources."
  • "The person who posts the greatest amount of "No consensus for that" is least likely to reflect real consensus."
  • "The person who most frequently speaks about assuming good faith is least likely to assume (or act in) good faith."
  • "The person who ends posts with "Cheers" is usually cheerless."

If you're new to Wikipedia and want to help, clear out the junk:[edit]

Click the button below, click the edit button, then insert this text at the top of the article: {{subst:proposed deletion|concern=unsourced BLP}} You'll be doing the online encyclopedia that anyone can edit a much bigger service than if you try and jump into editing some controversial article right away. Thank you.

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