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Hi there, I'm vossanova, better known as "phoenix" in the demoscene. This page exhibits evidence that I exist and that I've spent more than five seconds writing on Wikipedia.

If you're wondering what I've contributed to, well, why not just check my Contributions page.

I admit to being biased against anonymous edits. But it has been clearly shown that the majority of bad edits come from anonymous IPs. If you want to be taken seriously here, please take a few minutes to create an account. Also, please have at least a passing grade in English before writing.

I am an exclusionist. We do not need to have every little trivial fanboy detail here about your favorite truck, Transformer, or Family Guy episode. Keep it simple, stupid.

I spend most of my wikitime on automobile articles, mostly ones in the US market since that's where I live. I also keep a close eye on auto shows and the North American timeline templates.


A Barnstar!
The Editor's Barnstar

Awarded for putting personal biased aside while making bold edits to Demoscene related articles to uphold the quality and intent of Wikipedia. Note that almost every Demoscene related article has been edited by Vossanova at least once, often to remove Non-notable content. (Awarded by Coplan 22:21, 27 April 2006 (UTC))