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A vquex is a cross between a ferret and a giraffe. The word was first coined by Adrian Plass in his book, The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass Aged 37¾, when Leonard Thynn, one of the characters in the book, claimed during a game of Scrabble that it was defined as such in the full length Oxford English Dictionary[1].

Although it is generally not considered valid for use in Scrabble games, and it does not appear in either the SOWPODS or the TWL, if it were, it would score up to a maximum of 102 points by being placed in the bottom right hand corner of the board, with the Q on a double letter score square and the X on a triple word score square.

Vquex is also the user name of an occasional Wikipedian. User:Vquex is not related to Adrian Plass, but is a fan of his writings.


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