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A series of edits on the REALbasic made from multiple IPs and usernames appear to all be from the same user. Notably User:BoycottRealBasic2005, User:TruthInAdvertising, and User:FalseInformation appear to be the same user, operating from a dynamic IP range of 67.0.66.* - 67.0.73.*.

  • Range - seems to be a huge pool of both static and dynamic IPs, registered to Qwest Communications Corporation (Internet service provider). Femto 10:35, 8 April 2006 (UTC)

Not all edits from this user have been destructive, though many have. I believe this person has good faith concerns about the article, but also has an axe to grind about this product's new version. The concerns may be good-faith, but the actions are not; some concerns including using very deceptive edit summaries to huge edits diff, and adding clear vandalism when consensus does not go in his favor diff.

This is a shame, because the article does feel like advertising in places, and this users main point, that the newest version uses the Windows MDI style even on the Macintosh, perhaps bears mentioning. But useful edits on the article are slow going because of this one user's vandalism, and the many attempts to discuss the issue on talk pages have failed.



  1. All three user accounts, BoycottRealBasic2005 (contribs), TruthInAdvertising (contribs), and FalseInformation (contribs), have only edited in relation to REALbasic. Of these, only TruthInAdvertising has been used for more than a handful of edits. This account was abandoned after a 24 hour block (see below).

67.0.* is BoycottRealBasic2005[edit]

  1. The first edits of 67.0.* on REALbasic involved posting text calling for a boycott of REALbasic diff.
  2. Minutes later, a brand new account, BoycottRealBasic2005 was created, removing all content except the boycott notice posted by 67.0.*. diff.

67.0.* is TruthInAdvertising[edit]

  1. After several more destructive edits of 67.0.* over a period of weeks, a user in that IP range listed the article for AfD. diff.
  2. However, for the AfD page itself and minutes later, a brand new account, TruthInAdvertising, was created. revision.
  3. After this account was created, the destructive edits on REALbasic continued, but all under TruthInAdvertising's account. These continued until he was blocked in violation of WP:3RR block log.
  4. Less than an hour after this block was imposed, and in an apparent evasion of the block, postings from 67.0.* resumed. first edit.

67.0.* is FalseInformation[edit]

  1. Recently, 67.0.* made a bad-faith vandalism edit to REALbasic, removing all text except wikilinks diff.
  2. The next day, a brand new user account, FalseInformation, was created, making the exact same edit diff.
  3. Also see this diff, which compares the two edits and shows them as identical.

67.0.* is Boycottrealbasic[edit]

  1. Since I created this page, 67.0.* has created a new user, User:Boycottrealbasic, to create the since-deleted article Boycottrealbasic. Though the revision history went with the delete, I can testify I witnessed 67.0.* remove a speedy delete tag less than twenty minutes after the article's creation.

Vslashg (talk) 07:31, 8 April 2006 (UTC)

REALBasic was sprotected on April 22 to prevent further vandalism by this anonymous user; since then, User:Boycottrealbasic has continued to vandalise the page in the same fashion as the anon IP. Warrens 23:39, 25 April 2006 (UTC)