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Monash University
Monash University Crest
Motto Ancora imparo ("I am still learning")
Type Public
Established 1958
Chancellor Jerry Ellis
Vice-Chancellor Professor Richard Larkins
Administrative staff
Undergraduates 39,000
Postgraduates 16,000
Location Monash, Victoria, Australia
Campus Suburban
Affiliations Group of Eight

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  1. Scientism - The term scientism can be used as a neutral term to describe the view that natural science has authority over all other interpretations of life, such as philosophical, religious, mythical, spiritual, or humanistic explanations, and over other fields of inquiry, such as the social sciences. It also can imply a criticism of an actual or perceived misapplication or misuse of the authority of science in either of two directions.
  2. Protoscience - refers to historical philosophical disciplines which existed prior to the development of scientific method, which allowed them to develop into science proper (see prescientific). A standard example is that of alchemy which later became chemistry, or that of astrology which later became astronomy.
  3. WP:SPOV - Scientific point of view.


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Monash Logo


39th Battalion

1st Oct 1941 - 3rd July 1942

Colour Patch - 10th AUSTRALIAN INFANTRY BRIGADE  Raised in East Caulfield, Vic, in 1921  At formation: 24, 37, 39 & 48 Bns Colour Patch

Mud Over Blood



Australian Ufology

  • Anderson, John. M. (AMPR)(AFSIC)(APRV)(PRV)(PRA)
  • Auchettl, John W (VUFORS)(PRA)
  • Basterfield, Keith (UFORA)
  • Biddington, Group Captain Brett,(RAAF)
  • Clifford, Dr. W.P. (UFOIC)
  • Boyle, Brian (AMPR)(AFSIC)(APRV)(PRV)(PRA)
  • Douglass, Keith (UFORAS)
  • Deller, Gordon (AFSIC) (APRV) (PRV)
  • Griesberg, Harry (ACUFOS)
  • Godic, Vladimir & Pony (UFORA)
  • Gottschall, Dr Martin & Sheryl (ACUFOS)(UFORQld)
  • Jarrold, Edger. R. (AFSB)
  • Jones, Air Marshal Sir George (RAAF)(CAPIO)
  • Lindtner, Dr. Miran (UFOIC)
  • Magee, Judith (VFSRS)(VUFORS)(CAPIO)
  • Mackay, Glennys (MUFON)(UFOR NetworkQld)
  • McGhee, Moira (INUFOR)(UFORNSW)
  • Middleborough, Charles (QFSRB)
  • Moravec, Mark L. (ACUFOS)(ARC)
  • Moser, William (UFOIC)
  • Paul Norman (VUFORS)(MUFON)
  • Norris, Colin O. (AIUFOFSR)
  • Norris, Peter E. (AFSRS Vic)(VFSRS)(CAPIO)(VUFORS)
  • Pinkney, John (AFSRS Vic)(VFSRS)
  • Roberts, Keith (TUFOIC)
  • Rodwell, Mary (ACERN)
  • Russell, Roy & Pearl (QFSRB)
  • Seargent, David (ACUFOS)
  • Seers, Jack (AMPR)(AFSIC)(APRV)(PRV)(PRA)
  • Seers, Stanley (Stan)(QFSRB)
  • Sloane, W. Howard (Ballarat Astronomical Society)
  • Stone, Fred (AFSRS)
  • Sutton, Sylvia (AFSRS Vic)(VFSRS)(CAPIO)
  • Tomas, Andrew P. (AFSB)(AFSRS NSW)(UFOIC)
  • Yates, Clive (AFSRS Vic)(VFSRS)(VUFORS)(MUFON)

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CASE 1 1978 Oct 21st Frederick Valentich Disappearance



39th Battalion

1st Oct 1941 - 3rd July 1942

Colour Patch - 10th AUSTRALIAN INFANTRY BRIGADE  Raised in East Caulfield, Vic, in 1921  At formation: 24, 37, 39 & 48 Bns Colour Patch

Mud Over Blood

Kokoda Trail

Papua New Guinea

World War II, Pacific War


~ 30th BRIGADE ~

Brigadier S.H.W.C Porter


Col H. M. Conran

LtCol William T. Owen (KIA)

LtCol Ralph Honner

Start = 409

End = 32

KIA = 118

Died Of wounds = 13

Died other cause = 5

Wounded = 266

Missing = 1

TOTAL = 403

39th Battalion, 2nd AIF
Active 1st Oct 1941 - 3rd July 1942
Country Australia
Branch Army
Type Infantry
Role Infantry
Part of Royal Australian Infantry Corps
Garrison/HQ Port Moresby

Kokoda Trail Gona

PapuaNew Guinea

Pacific War

World War II

Col H. M. Conran

LtCol William T. Owen (KIA)

LtCol Ralph Honner
Mud Over Blood Colour Patches - 39BN.gif

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