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Hello, my name is VulcanSphere (you can call me Vulcan as well). my interests including but not limited to typography, public transit, cyberpunk, motorsport, music, anime/manga, video gaming (including gacha game), and Linux/FOSS. Most of my Wikipedia edits reflected those personal interests. My favourite things in Wikipedia (other than editing articles) are adding images to articles, adding logos to articles, and writing short descriptions.

You may recognise me from Twitch chats. Yup, that's me.

This user is an anime and manga fan.
AniList logo
I think, therefore you are.
Serial Experiments LainThis user lives in The Wired.
FLCLThis user's head is an N.O. channel.
HaruhiismThis user adheres to Haruhiism.
GITSThis user's cyberbrain was hacked.
This user is a fan of Attack on Titan.
This user is a fan of Jujutsu Kaisen.
This user is a fan of Chainsaw Man.
This user reads Newtype.
This user reads Otaku USA.
このすばThis user is a fan of KonoSuba.
黒執事  This user is     
 one hell of a fan.
This user is a fan of Kill la Kill.
This user is a fan of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
This user can't log out of The World.
This user is a fan of Sword Art Online.
This user has
Reading Steiner
This user has power
Return by Death.
nl-3Deze gebruiker spreekt uitstekend Nederlands.
idPengguna ini merupakan penutur ibu bahasa Indonesia.
en-4This user can contribute with a near-native level of English.
Firefox Nightly Logo, 2019This user contributes using Firefox Nightly.
**MD**This user writes with Markdown.
This user contributes using Inkscape.
This user contributes using Vim.
This user contributes using Linux.
This user contributes with openSUSE.
KDEThis user contributes with the KDE desktop environment.
Come chat with us on the Wikimedia Community Discord server!
[m]This user can be reached by matrix at https://matrix.to/#/@vulphere:matrix.org
This user supports free software.
This user is in the Fediverse and thinks you should join it too.
This user is a proud Internet Archivist.
English usage
UKThis user uses British English.
This user uses Commonwealth spelling.
ZThis user calls it zed.
This user uses Steam for digital distribution.
ACThis user believes that a plane can change the tides of war.
GTThis user is a Gran Turismo fan.
iM@SThis user is a fan of The iDOLM@STER.
This user is pursuing their true self in Persona 4.
This user is thinking with Portals!
TF2This user plays Team Fortress 2
This user is a fan of VisualArt's/Key.
HSRThis user joins the Astral Express.
原神げんしんThis user is able to resonate with the seven elements of Teyvat.
Wuthering WavesThis user protects the world from Tacet Discords.
Zenless Zone ZeroThis user fancies Ethereal technology.
This user plays Valkyria Chronicles series.
Media player
This user contributes while using Audacious.
This user contributes while using Spotify.
You TubeThis user contributes while listening to YouTube.
This user scrobbles their music on Last.fm as darkananda.
This user follows 24 Hours of Le Mans every year.
This user is a fan of NASCAR
This user is a fan of the
IMSA SportsCar Championship.
This user is a fan of IndyCar.
GTThis user is a Super GT fan.
This user is a fan of Formula E.
This user enjoys listening to music.
This user likes most types of music.
This user enjoys computer and video game music outside gaming.
This user enjoys classical music.
IDMThis user enjoys braindance.
This user likes Trance music.
dnbThis user likes Drum & Bass.
This user listens to industrial.
æthis user is an autechre fan
VThis user listens to Vocaloid- and Utau music.
This user is a fan of Sabaton
DragonForceThrough the fire and flames, this user carries on.
This user can't live without X JAPAN.
LARUKU This user is addicted to L'Arc~en~Ciel.
MMThis user is an obsessive fan of Malice Mizer.
This user has access to JSTOR through The Wikipedia Library.
NEWSThis user has access to Newspapers.com through The Wikipedia Library.
Comic SansThis user refuses to take seriously anything written in the Comic Sans font.
▒┘ěThis user hates mojibake.
UARThis editor believes that account creation should be required to edit on Wikipedia.
This user is the owner of multiple Wikipedia accounts in a manner permitted by policy.
This user maintains Wikipedia with the help of Twinkle!
This user uses JavaScript Wiki Browser to quickly make repetitive edits.
This user is a member of WikiProject Horse racing.
This user is a member of WikiProject NASCAR.
This user is a member of
WikiProject Sports Car Racing.
This user is a participant in WikiProject Short descriptions.
This user is a participant in the Trains WikiProject.
This user is a participant in
WikiProject Professional Sound Production..
This user supports the Sustainability Initiative to reduce the environmental impact of the Wikimedia Foundation.
This user resides in Indonesia.
This user is a MusicBrainz moderator.
This user supports public transit.
This user eats popcorn.
This user enjoys visiting art galleries.
WebCiteThis user believes in archiving sources to prevent link rot.

This user enjoys the interesting and weird works of Douglas Adams.

G This user's favourite colour is Green.
This user likes
subway maps
This user enjoys illustration, visual arts, and graphic design.

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