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the Sunshine State.

Ok..I've caved. "White & Nerdy" more than sums me up, so posting it all to Wiki is superfluous ;)

I have numerous anon edits and will go back and post links to those articles as I have time. I am also working on updating and organizing my userboxes; to that end, the bottom of this page may be noted to be in a state of flux.

May 2011: Due to IRL concerns my editing activities will be "spotty" at best. I still visit and will edit as am able, but will not be able to be as "Active" as I would wish.

Wiki's I have Personally Witnessed or Lived Through[edit]

Orbiter Challenger (1986) I was 7. We watched the launch trail from outside then got back inside just in time to hear the bad news. We missed eye-witnessing by mere seconds.

Hurricane Andrew (1992) SW FL. He was a TS when he passed over my mom's house and I stood in what was left of the eye before passing over to the Gulf waters and strengthening again. My sister, as a cop, was drafted to help with the clean-up in Miami.

Lords of Chaos (1996) I still have nightmares. Junior in High School. Being under curfew and martial law as buildings blow up and parrots get gutted leaves its mark.

Tropical Storm Charley (1998) He had already passed us in FL, afetr dumping much rain, before strengthening and wallopping Texas. We painted "Charley Go Home" on our plywood, pity TX that he didn't.

Orbiter Columbia (2003) Had moved acorss the state and was living 20 minutes from NASA when it happened. Like most everyone else in the area I had minor flashbacks to Challenger.

Places/Events/People I have known[edit]

Connie Mack IV family friend

Deion Sanders met at school event

Edison State College Former College

Florida Gulf Coast University My then BF's College

Fort Myers Miracle and Jericho The Miracle Dog: "Like his dad, (Mike) Veeck was known for his wacky promotions that made people want to come out to the ballpark for an evening of family-oriented fun. The team mascot for the year was a highly trained golden retriever named Jericho, who served as a ball boy on the field and goodwill ambassador to the kids. Legend has it that Veeck discovered Jericho when the dog was a part-time employee at a Pompano area Farm Stores. Veeck drove up, placed his order, and was a little surprised to see a golden retriever bringing him his groceries. Jericho made national news in print and T.V. media, bringing further recognition to the Miracle. Jericho passed on in 1995, but his son, Toucan, his grandson, Jackson, and even his great-grandson, Rutgers, were all Miracle employees over the last several years. Jackson and Rutgers are still working as mascots for teams within the Goldklang Group; with the Charleston Riverdogs and the Hudson Valley Renegades, respectively. Current Miracle mascot, Miss-A-Miracle, is keeping the golden retriever tradition going strong, here in Fort Myers." -- former Job

Fort Myers Senior High School My High School

France with Mom

Germain Arena

Germany with Mom

Hammond Stadium former Job

Jeff Kottkamp family friend

Jevon Kearse met at local event

Lee County Sheriff's Office Sis former job

Mike Greenwell was a bud, lost touch

Mindy McCready met at local event

Paradise Island with Dad

Silver Meteor trvelling to DC

Southwest Florida International Airport

Tina Wainscott Buddy

Union Station

Washington, D.C.

WINK-TV Former Job


Battle of Tebbs Bend (WikiProject KY)

Campbellsville, Kentucky (WikiProject KY)

Campbellsville University (WikiProject KY)

Cecropia Moth

Comodo Internet Security


Cybill Shepherd

Fort Myers, Florida (WikiProject FL)

Green River Lake (Wiki Project KY)

Green River Lake State Park (Wiki project KY)

Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis

Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis

Hypokalemic Sensory Overstimulation

King Arthur - talk page

List of 2004 Summer Olympics medal winners

List of Webkinz stuffed animals

Memory Alpha (WikiProject Star Trek)

Paul E. Patton

2011 PSN Outage (WikiProject Crime, Computing)

Pokémon (WikiProject Pokémon)

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl (WikiProject Pokémon)

Rodney Alcala (WikiProject Crime, SKTF) My first ever ground-up original Wiki creation.

Serial Killer Task Force

Star Trek Franchise (WikiProject Star Trek)

Ted Bundy

U.S. Route 68 (WikiProject KY)

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User:AmeIiorate/German Shepherd Not Alsatian

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