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Born 21 June 1946, Dresden, Germany. Male (but won't throw a hissy fit if you use a wrong pronoun).

My Rufname is Frank so I naturally prefer to be called Frank rather than W or bstard or sockpuppet or whatever.

When younger, mounted several trans-Sahara expeditions. Restored & renovated Mercedes Benz cars until ill health made me stop. Retired former Managing Director of English company specialising in Bank card security software. Unmarried Vegan interested in Victorian Architecture, English Furniture and Gardening.

Started editing on Wikipedia on 4 December 2006 but learning fast, I regret!
Lives Glasgow, Scotland (and so qualifies for free, nationwide Bus travel - thank you Scottish Parliament!)

My favourite Wikipedia page                         the Vulture strikes again

my one thousandth edit                              contribcounter

Green Zone                                                                      Pending funeral


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