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I strongly believe in administrator accountability. My actions as an admin are linked below.
Please let me know if you find anything amiss:
Blocks I have meted out
Things I have deleted
Pages I've protected

Wikipedia gave me great opportunity to feel like I was contributing to the common good—whether I made a positive contribution and whether Wikipedia furthers the public good is of course debatable and debated. Through my work here I matured, developed better communication and mediation skills, learned a lot about how the web works (or doesn't), developed a greater appreciation for emergent systems and natural adaptation, learned an almost embarrassingly large number of random facts of questionable relevance to everyday life, and a gathered plethora of inside jokes and shared experiences with many amazing people who may or may not have been sued three times in the last six months in a court of law in Trenton, New Jersey.

I am, for now, retiring from active wiki administration and editing beyond that of a concerned and responsible user making corrections as I see them. Although very unlikely given my general responsibility and fairly frequent logged-in use for research purposes, should this account become compromised and/or begin doing strange or detrimental things, I ask that it be SHOT first, with questions asked later. Several trusted users know how to get in contact with me off-wiki if it is suspected that this account has become compromised.