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I don't write a lot, but I do a lot of research, and the articles that I print or will be printing are "original" with MUCH of the information being "completely unavailable anywhere else" [but has been out there even for 100's of years, if people would just do their homework] ...

Such as?

Such as my assertion that Edward Davy was in fact the true inventor of the telegraph [its out there, read it], that Alexander James Dallas' great grandfather was Sir Nicholas Trevanion [its out there, but just recently published], or that the mother of Claudius Smith was in fact Miriam (Williams) Carle – relict of Jacob Carle and the daughter of Samuel Williams of Hempstead, L.I., New York [its out there, read the books].

I am one of several persons doing the genealogy charts of the family and associated families of Major General Robert Taylor Burton of Mormon fame, Brigadier General Joseph Dwight of the Colony of Massachusetts, Governor Theophilus Eaton of New Haven Colony, and others; and I plan to be doing individual bios on each.

I will not be forwarding any new scientific info and such, just things that have been there.

Articles I have created ...[edit]

Edward Davy, James Elphinston, Claudius Smith, William Smith (1728-1793), porringer, Mattabeseck, britannia metal, Blue Laws of Connecticut, Speech From the Dock, Battle of Minisink, Freeman (Colonial), Mary Walcott, Black Jack (stamp), Hasty pudding, various Deaths in 2005, Ananias Dare (completely started from a redirect), Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder, Clothes Make the Pirate, The Cinema Murder

Articles I have contributed to ...[edit]

Alexander James Dallas, Monroe (town), New York, Thomas Francis Meagher, Goshen (village), New York, Benjamin Franklin, Dictionary of National Biography, Theophilus Eaton, Nathaniel Eaton, Copyright, Britannia Silver successful "move" and separation from britannia metal, Latten, Middletown, Connecticut, Alan Freed, Elihu Yale, Thomas Hooker, William Hutchinson, Anne Hutchinson, John Davenport (clergyman), John Cotton, Magnalia Christi Americana, John Harvard (clergyman), Samuel Eliot Morison, USS Samuel Eliot Morison (FFG-13), Salem Witch Trials, beer stein, Bisect (philately), Roger Williams (theologian), Henry Dunster, Leonard Hoar, Increase Mather, Betty Parris, Ann Putnam, Jr., Harvard College, Thomas Shepard, William Ames, United States Capitol, John Brown (abolitionist), John White (surveyor), Francis Drake, Nicholas Hilliard, Lawrence Hilliard, Isaac Oliver, Discovery (law), Walter Raleigh, William Pynchon, Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk, Margaret Douglas, John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk, Thomas Becket, Empress Matilda, Victor David Brenner, Reginald Barlow

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My Images[edit]

Deposition of Mary Walcott, August 3, 1692

Linked Here: Mary Walcott

As of 12:46 AM 6/19/2005 PST, I am currently watching the Mary Walcott page to make certain that this image is in compliance with any and all Copyright laws Copyright Talk

The University of Virginia isn't 100% clear as to what is and what isn't copyrighted on their disclaimer page, and I don't think that they have a right to copyright this sort of document, even though it was taken by a former government.

File:Blue Laws.psd.jpg
Title Page of New-Haven's settling in New-England (The Blue Laws of Connecticut) (1656)

Linked Here: Blue Laws

United States Government 1875 reissue of the original 1863 "Black Jack" postage stamp

Linked Here: Black Jack (stamp)

United States Government 1851 provisional or "unofficial" bisect of No. 17

Linked Here: Bisect (philately)

The Capitol Building of the United States of America, 1856

Going to be Linked Here: United States Capitol (if I ever get a good scan w/o – ahem – a screen over it [screens are murder on engravings, dude]).

Lt Gov William Stoughton (1631–1701)

Dr William Ames, theologian (1576–1633)
1832 map of New Haven by J.W. Barber
Hooker's Company reach the Connecticut, 1879
"1670" image of the Rev John Davenport
Isaac Oliver (c.1565–1617)
Brigadier General Thomas Francis Meagher (1823–1867)
Nathaniel Eaton? from an early American cigar label
Original Lasky Studio barn
Paramount Studios 1920s