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Wayne Brendan Clarkson Face.jpg
Name: Wayne Brendan Clarkson
Born: August 1983
Hometown: Kingston Upon Hull
Profession: Web and Graphic Designer
Website: WBC Designs
Social: Twitter
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I am a freelance web and graphic designer at Function 5, webmaster at Read Hull About It, Technical Support Analyst at Karoo and Student at University of Hull.

Located at the Scarborough campus of the University of Hull I am studying for a BA in Design for Digital Media. My core skills are web design, branding, illustration and photo-manipulation. I also enjoy animation, video production, editing and after effects. I'm especially happy with any discipline that combines creative and technical skills. My other qualifications include CCNA and Certificate in Web Applications Development (Open).

Psychology of Internet Behaviour.[edit]

My current module, Psychology of Internet Behaviour, requires students to work in the Wikipedia environment editing pages and interacting with other Wikipedians. My group and I have decided to work on the Web Design entry and it's related pages. My team consists of Nwitbooi, TLBateson and the late entry that is Cnurney9.

Team Sandboxes[edit]

To discuss please use my talk page.


Read Hull About It[edit]

Read Hull About It is the local website for Hull and East Yorkshire, hosting news, events and reviews. It is a community project born out of the frustration of never knowing what was going on in Hull. The site aims to remedy this by allowing people to share information about events, write reviews and engage with the community.


In a web design magazine, possibly .net magazine (citation needed), there was a how to guide on making a local news website based on the CMS Joomla. Never having previously wondered into the CMS sphere and with an inkling for the need of a news website I decided to follow the steps, more for interest then purpose. After finishing the steps I found myself with a Joomla site that looked like a news website but didn’t perform in a way I’d expect one to. The site was barely a CMS. Without wisdom or forethought I decided to venture on and continue on my own. Less than a month later the website went live in August 2010 for a trial period to test its usability and functionality.It was at this time Sam Haggie joined the project as Editor-in-chief.

In the summer of 2011 the website design was updated from a 3rd party template to a full custom one designed by myself.

It is expected that in early summer 2012 the site will be fully unleashed to the public, although the site already has a following it has been decided to wait till after other commitments (Dissertation) have been dealt with before marketing it and giving it the time it deserves.


Key Life Moments[edit]

  • I once caught a bat with a towel to the relief of two damsels. (The bat was later released into the wild)
  • Once played a shepherd in a school nativity with no prior experience of shepherding.
  • I made the kessel run in 12 parsecs.