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The Scriptwriters's Toolkit is software for producing the particular layouts used in Film Scripts, TV Program Scripts and Stage Plays. It consists of around 14 templates for Microsoft Word each named for the type of script that it will produce. These templates work on all versions of MS Word since Word 2002 when used on Windows, but not the internally different version of MS Word on Apple Mac computers.

These templates were originally produced as part of the IT support function for Alomo Productions Ltd, a UK TV production company which produced many 'hit' sitcoms for the BBC in the 1990's. Later Alomo became part of the Select TV group and subsequently part of Fremantle. The templates were used by most of the Scriptwriters of Alomo Productions Ltd, including the lead team: Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran. Notable TV programs produced using the templates include "Birds of a Feather", "Goodnight Sweetheart", "Love Hurts".

In about 2004 the templates were upgraded to match the then current version of Microsoft Word and additional script formats were added. The package was renamed as the "Scriptwriters' Toolkit" and was made available on-line to any potential scriptwriters by a novel marketing method called "successware". With successware, the user pays a small nominal admin fee to use the software on as many computers and with as many users as are in the team, for as long as desired and in the event of sale of a successful TV or film or play script, they are honour-bound to pay an additional larger fee from the proceeds.

Affiliation: The first draft of this article is written by the author of the software and has been created because many of the other scriptwriting software packages each have a page in Wikipedia. List of screenwriting software


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