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Driver's Alert
Industry Telematics
Founded 1989
Headquarters Lighthouse Point, Florida
Key people
John Diprato, CEO
Paul Milazzo, COO

Driver's Alert[1] is a private Florida-based company that offers a vehicle tracking system to the public and private business sectors.

Drivers Alert sales team

In 2010, Drivers Alert was awarded a government contract, under contract number 052109,[2] to participate in the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), through an addendum agreement with Federal Contracts Corp. (FCC), an awarded vendor to NJPA.

The company's relationship with the FCC was designed to provide crash reduction and driver safety services to agencies nationwide through a joint powers authority.[3]


Drivers Alert Smart Risk (tm) v 3.0 user interface

The company's software product, "Smart Risk 3.0", features integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking equipment to monitor behavior-based safety with a web-based enterprise fleet safety management system assisting its customers in making improvements to fleet driver behavior and safety, fuel efficiency, preventive maintenance and operational costs.[4][5]

The Florida company provides a means for the general public to monitor and report poor and professional driving habits in monitored vehicles by providing a yellow "Driver's Alert" sticker on the rear of company vehicles.[6] The company offers "Behavior Based GPS" turns comprehensive data on engine diagnostics, speeding, harsh braking and more into comprehensive reports for its customers. Smart Hire provides scores for nearly all applicants and predict 63% more losses than services that use consumer reports, pre-employment screening solutions that can help avoid the costs (and hassles) associated with high-risk drivers.

Driver's Alert also provides a cell phone blocking, Geo-fence and monitoring software that actively prevents distractions, provides more complete information, and works with a wide array of devices. Safety Based Telematics covers the complete driver lifecycle, pre-hire screening, on-the-road monitoring, and corrective training. A web-based MVR monitoring system ensures that you[who?] know when a driver receives a new violation.

Advanced GPS technology puts a supervisor in every vehicle to monitor location, fuel consumption, engine health, speed and acceleration, harsh braking, and much more. Customized online portals and points-based set-up allow you[who?] to prioritize the “supervisor” to monitor factors that are important to the customer, as well as modify how often it is reported, and what action to take.

Smart GPS integrates industry-leading GPS tracking equipment with a web-based Enterprise Fleet Safety Management system to help make improvements in driver behavior and safety, fuel efficiency, preventive maintenance and operational costs.

Smart Risk 3.0 solution suite, GPS data also combines with “How’s My Driving” observations, corrective training links and more. The system automatically generates an emailed "Smart Risk Report", clients can use a online tools to analyze trends for individual drivers, fleet groups, or the entire fleet.

Call center[edit]

Drivers Alert support staff

The company provides a 24/7 staffed call center that provides around-the-clock support. The Florida company was the first company (and is still one of the few) to record motorist calls and attach the full digital recording to every driver observation report.[7]

The company is independently recognized as one of the finest call centers in the country.[8] It was one of the first companies to provide a decal-based “How’s My Driving” driver observation program. The call center supports more than 10,000 customers, including as DirectTV, Sears, Comcast, Aramark, Dr. Pepper, Snapple and Tyco International.

Its main call center supports more than 300,000 vehicles on the road.


The company also maintains an Occupational Safety and Health Administration-approved Online Driver Training course video library, for private sector and government clients, designed to correct unsafe driving habits. Driver's Alert provides a video-based portal to train a workforce with unlimited online training. Driver's Alert provides access to more than 400 unique, web-based English and Spanish safety courses.

Features include:

  • High-quality[according to whom?] graphics, 3D animation and illustrations
  • Intuitive[according to whom?] navigation and bookmarking
  • Dynamically changing quizzes to verify learning, ensure accountability and improve retention
  • Full integration with driver monitoring platform
Drivers Alert sticker


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