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zh 該用戶的母語中文
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yue 呢位用户嘅母语粤语/广州话
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This user likes to translate articles from Malay to English.
Name Type Date Created
1 List of universities in Laos List 23 January 2011
2 List of universities in Uzbekistan List 23 January 2011
3 Chile–Malaysia relations Article 13 February 2011
4 India–Malaysia relations Article 3 September 2011‎
5 Australia–Malaysia relations Article 29 August 2011
6 Japan–Malaysia relations Article 2 September 2011‎
7 List of shopping malls in Serbia List 18 November 2011
8 Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation Article 19 December 2011‎
9 NJOI Article 22 December 2011‎
10 Kuala Lumpur Marathon Article 14 July 2012
11 Uma Bawang Article 7 February 2014
12 Line Music Article 3 August 2015
13 MP-203 Article 19 September 2015
14 Cycling in Kuala Lumpur Article 4 October 2015
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