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Full Circle
Directed by John Olb
Produced by Glenn Frey
Starring Birtles Shorrock Goble
Music by Birtles Shorrock Goble
Edited by Jeff Doe
Jeffrey Doe
Stan Kellam
Mitchell Sinoway
Distributed by Universal Music
Release date
3 October 2003 (Australia)
7 June 2005 (USA)
Running time
144 min.
Language English

Full Circle is a DVD by Birtles Shorrock Goble, released in 2003. It was filmed in Melbourne, Australia at the Rod Laver Arena on the 14, 15 and 17 of November 2004, in the same name tour, featuring two new songs.

The name 'Farewell Tour' has nothing to do with the band's plan to quit touring and this is confirmed by Glenn Frey's quote in the interview contained in the DVD: "The longer this goes on, the better these songs sound. There is a 'sort of' honesty in calling the tour Farewell 1, with its implication that Farewell 2 will follow soon."

The show features some great light and sound effects apart from the great music that Eagles is renowned for. The 'five-part' harmony song, "Hole in the World" elicits a great crowd participation with the audience providing a 'clap rhythm' as the band sings. The song "Life's Been Good" features some antics by Joe Walsh and Frey with them staging a mock rivalry on stage and the latter having a hearty laugh at the former. The song also features a 'helmet cam' session where the crowd gets to see what the camera on Walsh's helmet points at. Also, the songs "The Boys of Summer" and "Hotel California" feature the first officially documented use by the Eagles of a drum machine in a live performance; in particular, during "Hotel California", a pre-programmed track is used to simulate the muted guitar strums which provide a steady beat on the original studio recording of the song, and which are absent from all of the previous live performances of it.

In November 2006, the DVD was re-issued at Wal-Mart stores with a bonus 3-track CD which are tasters of the band's upcoming studio album. The tracks are a studio version of Frey's "No More Cloudy Days", the Henley/Frey penned rocker "Fast Company" and the Henley/Schmit/Smith penned ballad "Do Something".

In 2013 it was released as a single Blu-ray disc.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Full Circle" (Goble) (from Time Exposure, 1981)
  2. "It's A Long Way There" (Goble) (from Little River Band, 1975)
  3. "Man On Your Mind" (Shorrock/Tolhurst) (from Time Exposure, 1981)
  4. "Curiosity Killed The Cat" (Birtles) (from Little River Band, 1975)
  5. "Days On The Road" (Goble) (from After Hours, 1976)
  6. "Everyday Of My Life" (Birtles) (from After Hours, 1976)
  7. "Face In The Crowd" (Goble) (from Monsoon, 1988)
  8. "Photogenic" (Birtles/Cuomo) (from Driven by Dreams', 2000)
  9. "Happy Anniversary" (Briggs) (from Diamantina Cocktail, 1976)
  10. "Take It Easy On Me" (Goble) (from Time Exposure, 1981)
  11. "Soul Searching" (Beckett/Shorrock) (from Monsoon, 1988)
  12. "Prelude In A Minor"
  13. "Mistress Of Mine" (Goble) (from First Under the Wire, 1979)
  14. "Lady" (Goble) (from Sleeper Catcher, 1978)
  15. "Heart & Soul" (Goble) (to appear on Let It Rain, 2008)
  16. "The Night Owls" (Goble) (from Time Exposure, 1981)
  17. "The Other Guy" (Goble) (from Greatest Hits, 1982)
  18. "Seine City" (Shorrock) (from After Hours, 1976)
  19. "I'll Always Call Your Name" (Birtles) (from Little River Band, 1975)
  20. "Home On Monday" (Birtles/Shorrock) (from Diamantina Cocktail, 1976)
  21. "Deep Water" (Shorrock/Creighton)
  22. "The Machine Room"
  23. "In The City" (Birtles/Cuomo) (from Driven by Dreams', 2000)
  24. "Reminiscing" (Goble) (from Sleeper Catcher, 1978)
  25. "Parallel Lines" (Shorrock) (from Monsoon, 1988)
  26. "It's Cold Out Tonight" (Goble) (from Monsoon, 1988)
  27. "Help Is on Its Way" (Shorrock) (from Diamantina Cocktail, 1976)
  28. "Cool Change" (Shorrock) (from First Under the Wire, 1979)
  29. "Lonesome Loser" (Briggs) (from First Under the Wire, 1979)
  30. "Just Say That You Love Me" (Goble) (from Time Exposure, 1981)


Birtles Shorrock Goble[edit]

Support musicians[edit]

  • Bill Armstrong: Trumpet
  • Al Garth: Saxophone, violin and percussion
  • Christian Mostert: Tenor and alto saxophone
  • Greg Smith: Baritone saxophone

Bonus DVD[edit]

  • Behind the Scenes footage
  • New Interviews
  • A Glimpse Backstage
  • Soundcheck


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