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About me[edit]

A 40 year veteran in the areas of data, voice and video telecommunications. My first interest in technology came from Scouting. I built a radio to qualify for a merit badge that led me to take an interest in Amateur Radio and Electrical Engineering. After being accepted to study at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering, I discovered W3ABT and its excellent HF and VHF stations.

After graduation from the University of Pennsylvania, my interest in Amateur Radio, specifically RTTY, led to my first job as Resident Engineer for the Philadelphia Telex department for the Western Union Telegraph Company.

My career at Western Union lasted 16 years. After Western Union, I moved to SEI Corporation, now SEI Investments, where I had operations responsibility for a nationwide data network. After SEI, I moved to Shared Medical Systems where I had operations responsibility for 500,000 miles of WAN and a network handling over 30% of all USA based health transactions. I became Vice President for Network Services in 2000 when Shared Medical Systems was acquired by Siemens Medical Solutions. In 2004, I started my own consulting company and returned to Amateur Radio.

International Travel[edit]

Domestic Travel[edit]

I live near West Chester, Pennsylvania. I've been fortunate to visit the following States:

Wikipedia topics I follow[edit]

I have an interest in various topics including technology, education and sports.

Computers & Technology[edit]