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March 9, 2019

During the first week of class I have been undoubtedly trying to learn this new platform called Wikipedia. I can say this is my first time ever having to use Wikipedia for any academic work. Wikipedia at first glance seem like it was going to take a while to learn how to operate all the features and layout and I wasn’t wrong. Our first assignment was to create a sub-pages for the journal and this simple task seems easy at first, but when attempting to perform this activity it becomes more complex.

March 9, 2019

During the first week, I was able to accomplish creating a sub-page and providing information about my experience through the process, all though there are still several features that I have yet to explore. For example, I haven’t yet to figure out how to remove a sub-page, or adding links to other pages, and adding pictures to Wikipedia. I know this is just the start of class, but I hope to quickly learn the process of Wikipedia.

@Waebo: Hi. Nice to meet you. I felt very confused at first as well, but Dr. Lucas said just post everyday (and I haven't done that, but I've been experimenting with a lot of posting) and it really has helped. Try adding emoticons [1]. It's fun and another addition to the tool bag of wikipedia posting.(Dmcgonagill (talk) 21:06, 11 March 2019 (UTC))

@Waebo: Hi Rian,

Great to see that we have another course together. I too am a little nervous about Wikipedia but am realizing that the more I try and toggle back and forth with help functions, the more excited I seem to be getting. Ssimsjones (talk) 10:28, 12 March 2019 (UTC)

March 15, 2019 Journal Entry 2

I am starting to get a handle on this course. Little by little I am figuring out how to use Wikipedia and learning new features. This week I learned how to finally perform a signature, evaluate a Wikipedia article, and citing other article in Wikipedia. Signatures may seem like an easy task to do but I was so unfamiliar using Wikipedia that each and every task seems challenging.  I am use to writing papers for an assignment but only on a Microsoft word platform, and using Wikipedia platform requires extra steps like a signature. Each time an individual comments on someone’s article they must sign the bottom. Now, this signature is not your typical signature like signing your name. Wikipedia signatures require a couple of symbols to create extra space from the body of the passage. The symbols uses are commonly known as dash lines and squiggly lines. Wikipedia needs two dash lines and 4 squiggly lines to create a signature. Most individuals that use Wikipedia on a daily basis know this is common knowledge, but for myself it took some time to make this task a habit. Knowing how to sign a comment and knowing how to critique the article are important tasks as Wikipedia user must know.  I do have to admit that critiquing an article is not my best skill. I am thankful that the training and watching some videos provided from the Wikiedu dashboard help establish a better understanding how Wikipedia rates everyone’s articles.  I find out that most articles are rated from Start-class to featured class. I am glad I am taking this class because each and every day I am learning new technique and skills that will help my skills further down the road in my career.

@Waebo: Rian, it's definitely a learning curve, isn't it, but just this week, I saw a posting for a English professor position that required Digital Humanities experience. Apparently this is the wave of the future! JVbird (talk) 15:00, 17 March 2019 (UTC)

March 15, 2019 Journal Entry 1[edit]

The assignment this week is to evaluate the article “Norris Church Mailer.” At first glance there are noticeable areas that need to be improved. Before explaining why the article “Norris Church Mailer” needs improving, one must understand the difference between high quality articles vs poor quality articles. High Quality articles have several elements like a detailed lead section, clear structure, balanced content, neutrality, and finally good sourcing. Each element is important to include in order to accomplish a high quality article. Wikipedia also rates the article which helps the reader determine the value of it. The rating on Wikipedia ranges from featured-class to start-class.  Feature rating shows the audience the information provided from the article is highly trustworthy. A start-class rating shows that the writing lacks in either one or more important elements.  The article “Norris church Mailer” received a rating of Start-Class rating. When first looking at the article an individual reading it will notice that the first paragraph is very short.  The requirement for strong lead sentence is being clear and concise with the topic. After overlook the article the structure seems a little off because the order of the content is not in an order structure. Adding more detail in the first paragraph will help the clarify the structure and give more depth to the article.[1]  

{{reply to | Waebo }} I agree that the content order isn't logical and the open paragraph a bit weak. I also think the entry feels incomplete; the small mention of Norris and Mailer's first meeting isn't supported by sources outside of Witchel's article. The topic of Norris's life with Mailer's children (from his other wives) left me wanting to know more about the wives before "The Last Wife"[2]. ~~~~ Mango Masala


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