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Waitak - 维德 - Duy Đức[edit]

Question of the hour: What does a sustainable culture look like in detail?

I've spent time as a professor, CTO, CIO and head of an NGO. I'm active again on Wikipedia after a long hiatus. Things I've done as a Wikicitizen include:

I keep an eye on pages on my watchlist (see here for a list).

(More on my contributions below.)

To-do list[edit]

Plant and food related[edit]

Language related[edit]

  • Incorporate writeups from languages that have a main article
  • Incorporate examples from more languages
  • Make entries more consistent
  • Ref repair
I wonder if this could be a FLC?

Everything else[edit]

Things that interest me include:

Tech stuff[edit]

Fighting poverty[edit]

Via economics[edit]

Local economies, and the role of barter in developing them. Current question: How would a sabbath economy work in practice?

Via information technology[edit]

Eliminating poverty, particularly in ways involving information technology and other applications of appropriate technology. I see projects like XO-1, Simputer and Jhai as good ideas, although none of them quite gets there. Among other things we're working on an 8Mb Linux distribution. uClinux, uClibc, Lua and Buildroot are all components we're looking at. There are lots of tiny little cool tools that help, like Zile for example.

Via engineering[edit]

I'm interested in what might be called appropriate engineering - community scale manufacturing that whose products and methods are appropriate for developing nations with very little infrastructure or capital investment. Some great examples of appropriate engineering (many agricultural):
Kevin Kelly's Street Use blog is great food for thought.

Via agriculture[edit]

Languages and linguistics[edit]

Languages I speak or read:
en This user is a native speaker of the English language.
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it-1 Questo utente può contribuire con un livello semplice di italiano.
Languages I know a little, and would like to improve:
Languages I don't know, but would like to:
mku... Makua
Languages I don't know, probably won't learn, but wish I could:
eu... Euskara

Geek code[edit]

Version: 3.20
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w--- O M>+@ V--> PS-(---)
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Articles I've started[edit]

I tend to contribute most to Wikipedia by writing content. Some of the articles that I've started include:

plus a lot of redirects. Here is a list of (non-redirect) articles that I've started.

Edit stats[edit]

Other contributions[edit]

  • You can check on how many edits I've done here.
  • I was very active from February, 2006 until January, 2007, tapered off between then and October, 2008, when I pretty much dropped my activity to an occasional checkin. I really started being active again in September, 2011.
  • Here is a list of the 120 content (non-talk, non-user) pages that I've edited more than twice as of March 3, 2007.

Other communities[edit]

Tests (some sillier than others)[edit]

  1. ^ Not that I can read either one of them... I just think they're pretty.