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Intactivists protest for Genital Integrity at the Convention for 2004 of American Academy of Pædiatrics in San Francisco.Jpeg

Ŭ. A. L. A. B. I. O.[edit]




Assembled For

Battle And



Well now, I am Ŭalabio. Ŭalabio is Esperantic for wallaby. Since the login does not accept Unicode-characters, I transliterate Ŭalabio to Walabio. I originally tried to be Ŭalabio, but the software changed it to ?alabio. I was ?alabio for a long time -- I hated that name.

Well now, the new software wiped out my user/talk-pages. I could still login, edit, change preferences et cetera. Without talk-pages, I could not function. I decided to create a new account and abandon the other account.

Ŭalabio 05:33, 30 May 2004 (UTC)

The old account works again, but I have no use for multiple accounts. I redirect it to here now.
Ŭalabio 02:05, 2004 Aug 25 (UTC)

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