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I'm Waldir Pimenta, a Cape Verdean nerd born in Russia and currently pursuing a PhD in computer-generated holography at Universidade do Minho in Braga, Portugal.

On Wikipedia, I tend to do mostly maintenance work. Besides random fixes to articles I stumble upon daily, I enjoy:

If there's anything I can help you with (especially if it involves tasks related to the above), drop me a message in my talk page :)

Who Am I[edit]

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Contact Me[edit]

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His username is waldyrious.


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see Category:Wikipedia requests related to admins and Category:Request templates


todo: make templates below add specific categories, so that backlog can be counted


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Note: for user scripts, see User:Waldir/common.js and meta:User:Waldir/global.js (they might need some adjustment per mw:ResourceLoader/Legacy JavaScript)

Anonymous Edits[edit]

  • Some of these are mine -- the IP's from where I currently live, anyway (Viana do Castelo, Portugal): [3]. I am not sure all of them are mine, though. The ones about Utopia certainly are. I definitely hope the others are not =P. But the only one I can firmly assure wasnt me, is the first one, since I wasn't in Viana do Castelo prior to September 2004.
  • I didnt realise I wasnt logged in until I had made several edits. The contributions of that IP are mine or from someone at my university (I think most of them are mine but I haven't checked them all). See also wikiscanner's entry on this IP.
  • (as of today, 11 dec 2008, a single edit -- the system somehow logged me off moments before I clicked the save button)


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