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Puppeter template.svg It is suspected that this user may be a sock puppet, meat puppet or impersonator of Mike Sorensen.
Please refer to [1] and [2] for evidence. See block log
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The account is used to reinforce spam by User:Mike Sorensen.--Guesswhonow 01:27, 9 April 2007 (UTC)

Uh... no, not a sock puppet nor a whatever.... I actually do this (music) for a living as well as design stuff for many DC area companies. Live in North VA....

Nope, don't know who he is...

Just google Wayne Mitzen...

my URL is Also

My lab -

That's my lab... Click the studio design link .. designed everybit of that studio... did lots of those designs... made it into mix magazine 'bout 12 years ago.

That little kid in the photo in front of the old Amek 2500 and Studer A80 is my first born when he was a year old - now 11 - he got the one of the highest WISC-III scores in his school district (144 out of 145) few years ago...

I've been doing engineering for a while. Actually, if you google my name (in quotes like this "Wayne Mitzen" ) you'll see an entry for Peter Erskines site whom I did monitors for (just 1 gig) when he played with guys like Sonny Rollins, Freddy Hubbard (blast gig - see my comments to him).

My current audio rig is here:

I've actually mastered and mixed quite a few bands in my day, but hey, it don't pay no bills

But I do play with Jon Fritz.... 'bout 200 shows a year. Produced his CD...You can actually see my ugly mug on Celebrity Photo

Oh yea, and in the google results I'm not the one that thinks Meridith Viera (sp?) is adorable... well maybe a little but didn't post it... just so happens to follow one of the posts I made to her blog.... ....was about homeless kids in L.A. I think... saw what she was talking about when I was out there a little while ago.

You may also notice some references to some comments I made on on exactly this subject. I was also published years ago in the now-defunct dB Magazine concerning mimicing head related time domain reflections in mixes.

Oh yea... and 'bout a year ago, I comtributed to the Great Gig in the Sky entry on Wiki... Added some info on a Clare Torry interview I saw a while back.