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Warpflyght is also known as Ben Mitchell, a Computer Science student at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born in Atlanta and raised in Lilburn, Georgia. He's also lived in Shreveport, Louisiana, Mesa, Arizona, Navarre, Florida, and Cupertino, California. He graduated from Gulf Breeze High School in Gulf Breeze, Florida. He is on a quasi-wikibreak, but still drops by and makes small edits a few times a month.

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His main interests include Star Trek (and he has been simming for around fifteen years (see USS Potemkin)), sailing, and computers (particularly subjects related to programming and the Internet). Other interests include Spanish, the Romance Languages and their history, the Roman Republic and Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, space exploration, geography, and the study of history. Articles on the American Civil War and the History of Atlanta have occupied countless hours of his time. Hurricanes are a more recent interest due to the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan and its damage to his home and hometown. He is also a roadgeek, focusing particularly on places he's lived and visited. He considers Google Maps to be both wonderful and highly dangerous.

He is a proud geek and a liberal. He is a Unix geek (using Mac OS X and Linux among other flavors). He is an Apple Macintosh convert and a Rubyist. He prefers vi over emacs, but often develops in TextMate. He believes in the Open Source movement. He is a member (and is a former president) of his local Linux Users Group. He was in attendance for the lower pair of index values of C4 and enjoyed them beyond words.

He is a strong believer in the serial comma, and on Wikipedia, he prefers to make detailed edit summaries. He prefers "lede" over "lead" to identify the beginning of an article. His watchlist includes articles on places he's lived, subjects related to Star Trek and Simming, some topics on Ancient Rome and British history, and some of the articles listed in the various sections further down on this page. He can often be found making small edits (including copyedits, adding relevant wikilinks where appropriate, and reworking a few sentences or paragraphs) during his seemingly random Wikipedia travels.

Two of his former roommates are Wikipedians: SCEhardt (who is an administrator!) and VinnyR.

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