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Hello, I'm Warren. I live in Ontario, Canada.

I've been working pretty steadily on Wikipedia articles since December 2005, focusing primarily on improving the encyclopedic value, quality, and organisation of a range of computing articles, mostly to do with Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh. I also occasionally work on comedian, musician, television show, and computing personality pages.

I am a strong believer in good lead sections. Oftentimes a person's first impression of the overall quality of Wikipedia is set by the tone, readability and quality of writing in a single lead section, so it seems to me that we should always make sure a subject is introduced effectively. I'm no English major, so I find this kind of work both challenging and rewarding.

I wrote a short essay on why I work so much on Windows articles here.

Warren's Wikiaxioms

I try to keep these axioms in mind while I'm working on articles:

  • You are not a verifiable source.
  • Wikipedia isn't a contest.
  • When the going gets tough, there's always something uncontentious you can work on.
  • It's a waste of time to criticise what other editors haven't done.
  • If you want people to trust your work, write accurate edit summaries.

Contribution watching

Computing-related contributions

I started these

Features new to Windows Vista · Transactional NTFS · Microsoft Dynamics CRM · Boot Configuration Data · Microsoft Management Console · Windows Mobility Center · Windows Address Book · My Documents · Special Folders · Windows Shell namespace · Windows Shell · Event Viewer · Universal Audio Architecture · User Mode Driver Framework · Background Intelligent Transfer Service · Windows Live Mail Desktop · User Account Control · Web Services Dynamic Discovery · Development of Windows Vista · Shatter attack · List of Mac OS X components · Windows Security Center · Windows Home Server · Windows XP editions · Virtual Control Program Interface · Desktop Cleanup Wizard · Macintosh LC · Macintosh LC II · Macintosh LC III · Power Macintosh 5260
Microsoft application programming interfaces, Screenshots of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X user interface, Mac OS X development, Mac OS X APIs, Power Macintosh, DirectX, Microsoft logos, McAfee, Microsoft criticisms and controversies, Apple Inc. lists
Template:Infobox OS version and Template:Infobox Windows component

Major work

Windows Vista · Windows Server 2003 · Windows NT 3.1 · Windows NT 3.5 · Windows Server System · WinFS · Windows NT Startup Process · Windows Firewall · Windows Rights Management Services · Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs · · Collaboration Data Objects for Windows NT Server · Windows Explorer · Windows Server Update Services · Windows Messenger · System Restore · List of Microsoft Windows components · Windows Aero · Prefetcher · Visual Studio Team System · Comparison of privilege authorization features · Apple Inc. · Graphical identification and authentication · ASP.NET · Windows Update · Timeline of Apple Inc. products · Macintosh Performa · Power Macintosh 5500 · Power Macintosh 6100 · Power Macintosh 6200 · Power Macintosh 6400 · Macintosh Quadra 605 · Macintosh Quadra 950 · Macintosh IIvx · Power Macintosh 5000 series · Macintosh LC 500 series · Macintosh Quadra 630 · Power Macintosh 9500 · Power Macintosh G3 · Macintosh Quadra 610 · Power Macintosh

Non-computing contributions

I started these

Major contributions

Oooh, shiny

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