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I'm from Japan (one of the small islands in Asia).

Let's make a better Wikipedia! :>

User name[edit]

My user name is come from wasabi. One of the spices mainly used in Sushi.

Image and Animation tips[edit]

What I do and I don't?[edit]

In English Wikipedia, I mainly am editing in anatomy related topics, with uploading images, editing data (at WikiData) and so on.

It's rare for me to edit text in articles or to participate in long discussions in talk pages. Because I'm not good at writing English! (Sorry, but I am trying to improve.)

In Japanese Wikipedia, I mainly edit in metaphysics related topics, Geotagging or Java Script code localisations and so on.

Wikipedia Ads[edit]


Memo for anatomy[edit]

Index · Statistics · Log

Anatomy ontology

  • Foundational Model of Anatomy contains approximately 75,000 entries. FMA is extensively detailed ontology of human anatomy. This is open source project.
  • Terminologia Anatomica contains about 7,500 human gross (macroscopic) anatomical structures. TA is the most famous and standard nomenclature for human anatomy.
  • English Wikipedia contains, at least, 4,400 anatomy related articles (see box at left).
  • BodyParts3D contains about 1,500 human gross (macroscopic) anatomical structures. BP3D is planning to model all anatomical structures included in Terminologia Anatomica (i.e. over 7000 parts).

Number of

Some basic properties

  • Place: Where it is. In head, in foot, or in other place.
  • Shape: What shape it is. Like a bar, like a sheet, or more complicated form.
  • Number: How many. One brain, two hands and many teeth.
  • Size: What size it is. nm, μm, mm, cm, m.
  • Material: Soft material like a liver, or rigid material like a tooth.
  • Appearance: How it looks like actually.

Wikidata related topics

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Kanao, T.; Eldredge, K.; Maruyama, M. (2012). "Two new genera and species of the termite symbiont lineage Termitohospitini (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae) from Bolivia and peninsular Malaysia". ZooKeys. 254 (254): 67–87. doi:10.3897/zookeys.254.4043. PMC 3561922Freely accessible. PMID 23378816. 
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