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Washington Irving was a famous American author of the 19th century who wrote amongst other things the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip van Winkle.

Washington Irving was also one of the pseudonyms adopted by Yossarian in Joseph Heller's novel Catch 22. The character had the job of censoring mail from his fellow airmen based at a Mediterranean island during World War Two. Yossarian took a light-hearted approach to this duty, sometimes redacting all but a few words from the letters.

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regions which are wholly or predominantly on the medial surface (don't have rendering of this yet).


Lobes of the human brain
The human brain
Location of the hippocampus in the human brain
Location of the amygdala in the human brain
sample fMRI data
Brodmann areas 1, 2 and 3
Brodmann area 4
Brodmann area 5
Brodmann area 6
Brodmann area 7
Brodmann area 8
Brodmann area 9
Brodmann area 10
Brodmann area 11
Brodmann areas 17, 18 and 19
Brodmann area 20
Brodmann area 21
Brodmann area 38
Brodmann area 39
Brodmann area 40
Brodmann area 42
Brodmann area 43
Brodmann area 44
Brodmann area 45
Brodmann area 46
Brodmann area 47
Ring shaped object, partially buried in Martian soil
Ring shaped object, partially buried in Martian soil
Docklands, South London, UK.