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This bot is no longer active on Wikipedia.

It may take me awhile to get back to you. If the bot has made a mistake, I will try to fix it in a timely manner. Porting from python to java is underway. Watchlists will be updated semi-regularly for all all projects which list tagged articles. Scanning categories is not implemented yet. Sorry for the inconvenience

Currently on wikibreak

If you disagree with a tag, feel free to leave a note here, or check with the project -- I am just tagging for them, but will follow up on all comments.

I am a bot for creating a project watchlist. I was written by Ingrid in Python, using pywikipedia.


To manage project watchlists. This bot can:

  • tag categories which are related to a given project by interactively traversing the category hierarchy from a given root category
  • tag all articles which are in tagged categories
  • create and update a project watchlist using all tagged pages

where tagging means adding a template to the talk page.


The old python source and the new java source are available. Please feel free to use it. If you have any suggestions, you can modify it or let me know -- I may or may not change my copy. It's not very well commented or organized -- feel free to ask if you have any questions.


Project Template Articles Do not tag Notes
Numismatics {{WikiProject Numismatics}} Articles /Numismatics Done
Numismatics/Exonumia {{Exonumianotice}} Exonumia articles /Exonumia many articles not yet tagged -- waiting for a volunteer to help with the effort
Hawaii {{WikiProject Hawaii}} Hawaii recent changes /Hawaii Done
Texas {{WikiProject Texas}} Articles /Texas Done
Automobiles {{WikiProject Automobiles}} Articles /Automobiles Only categories are tagged -- bot traverses articles each time
Ice Hockey {{WikiProject Ice Hockey}} Articles /Ice hockey Done
Louisville {{WikiProject Louisville}} Watchall /Louisville Done
Kentucky {{WikiProject Kentucky}} Watchall /Kentucky Done
Cricket {{WikiProject Cricket}} Articles /Cricket Only categories are tagged -- bot traverses articles each time
Texas State Highways {{Texas State Highway WikiProject}} Watchlist /Texas State Highways Done
Dallas {{WikiProject Dallas}} Articles /Dallas Done
Comics {{WikiProject Comics}} Articles /Comics Done
Pittsburgh {{WikiProject Pittsburgh}} Articles /Pittsburgh Done
Baseball {{WikiProject Baseball}} Articles /Baseball Done
Bell System {{WikiProject Bell System}} Articles /Bell System Done
LGBT studies {{WikiProject LGBT studies}} Articles /LGBT studies Done
San Francisco Bay Area {{WikiProject California}} Watchlist /San Francisco Bay Area Done
Africa {{WikiProject Africa}} Watchlist /Africa Waiting for response from project about tagging categories
Electronics {{WikiProject Electronics}} Articles /Electronics Waiting for response from project about tagging categories
Hong Kong {{WikiProject Hong Kong}} Articles /Hong Kong Done
  Indian cinema
  Tamil Nadu

{{WikiProject India|cinema=yes}}
{{WikiProject India|tamilnadu=yes}}

no watchlist
no watchlist


tagging categories
Films {{WikiProject Film}} Articles /Films Done

This bot will be run every few days to once a week (no more often than once a day) to update the article list. It will be run less often for tagging articles. This functionality can also be used by other projects (running once to update the watchlist for multiple projects). If you'd like this bot to create or update a watchlist for your project, please let Ingrid know.


If you notice that the bot has incorrectly tagged an article, please feel free to remove the tag, or let Ingrid know and she will handle it. Articles are tagged when they're in a tagged category. To prevent the article from being re-tagged, list it at the do not tag list for the project (see table above).

To do[edit]

  • retag Texas
  • retag Cricket categories
  • continue tagging India geography task forces


See also[edit]

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