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Mad scientist interested in radio electronics, especially microwaves, WiFi, IEEE 802.11, wireless community network, streaming video, Waveguide, circuits, RF circuit design, micropower radio, amplifier, operational amplifier, tuner, phase locked loop, filters and filter design, PCB, RF test equipment, low cost prototyping, circuit layout and fabrication principles (electronics), component suppliers (electronics), analog to digital conversion, digital to analog conversion, PCB layout guidelines

Knowledge is power. By deleting obscure knowledge, we delete obscure power. Is that wise?


Physics: Physical constant, Electric charge, Dielectric constant, EPR paradox, Specific detectivity, Spectral density, Bel, Faraday constant, Maxwell's equations, Harmonic oscillator, Interference, Reactance, RLC series circuit, Fresnel zone, Faraday cage, Microwave, Biophoton, Quantum harmonic oscillator, transistor, multipath propagation, Uncertainty Principle

Radio electronics[edit]

Impedance match, Electrical network, Impedance, Inductive reactance, Amplitude modulation, Frequency-hopping spread spectrum, Frequency modulation, Noise temperature, Passband, Phase noise, Thermal noise, Boosting, DBm, FM improvement factor, Freeze frame television, Frequency assignment, Inverse multiplexer, Magnetron, Noise-equivalent power, Quasi-analog signal, Received noise power, Sampling frequency, Shot noise, Single-sideband modulation, Time-division multiplexing, Voice frequency, Bandwidth compression, Baseband, Broadband, Stopband, Spread spectrum, Multiplex baseband, Wire wrap, Breadboard, Transformer, Characteristic impedance, Wave impedance, Coaxial cable, Twisted pair, Impedance mismatch

Antenna theory[edit]

Glossary of antenna terms, Antenna noise temperature, Antenna (electronics), Antenna blind cone, Antenna effective area, Antenna gain, Antenna height above average terrain, Billboard antenna, Cassegrain antenna, Collinear antenna array, Feed horn, Fractal antenna, Reflective array antenna, Isotropic antenna, Image antenna, Parabolic antenna, Periscope antenna

Radio+TV+data communications[edit]

Baud rate, Channel, Global system for mobile communications, Carson bandwidth rule, Non-return-to-zero, Chroma subsampling, Jansky, Duobinary signal, Backward channel, Narrowband modem, Out-of-band signaling, Telecommunication, Teletext, Morse code, Shannon's law, Card standards, Data compaction, Synchronous optical networking, OLAP, Packet switching, Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy, Radix-64, Shannon capacity, Shannon's theorem, Wideband modem, Wireless access point, Articulation score, Signature block, Freenet, YUV, Cutback technique, Carrier sense multiple access with collision detection, Closed-circuit television, Covert channel, CPU design, Supercomputer


Azimuth, Latitude, Longitude, Meridian, Sidereal time, Troposphere, Ionosphere, Telemetry, Global Positioning System, Radar, Tinfoil hat

Maths + Sciences[edit]

Statistics: Information theory, Probability theory, Descriptive statistics, Random variable, Simpson's paradox, Statistical hypothesis testing, Statistical inference, Statistical phenomena, Normal distribution, Statistical variability, Regression toward the mean, Learning theory (statistics), Meta-analysis, Frequency probability, Science: Reproducibility, Falsifiability, Binary classification, First-order predicate calculus, Concept lattice, Z notation, Galileo probe, Moore's Law, Nickel metal hydride, Standard data model, Pinhole camera, Supervised learning, Qi


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