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My name is Tadej Persic (or Tadej Peršič), and I was born on July 13 1980. I grew up in Ljubljana (where I still live), which is the capital of Slovenia, a country located at the center of Europe. I'm an ex student of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, who switched to IT college.[1][2] In general I see myself as a pretty liberal and open-minded person, yet also as a critical thinker, rationalist, skeptic and somewhat a pacifist.

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Me on my 37th birthday

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From all the Wikimedia projects I am most active on this Wikipedia (I've created my account here first and that was on March 11 2005) where I contribute the most; mostly I do minor spelling & grammatical corrections, correct & improve the code and references, I revert articles affected by vandalism etc., and I've created 6 or 7 articles from scratch. And so as of May 21 2016, the number of my edits is 1,622; you can see all my edits on the Contributions page). By the way, you can see how my user page looked back then – before I've rewritten and shortened it – on my Old user page. A bit later I've also created an account on Slovene Wikipedia‎, and as of May 21 2016, the number of my edits is 656, while here is a link to my user page: Uporabnik:Wayfarer. Also about the same time I've registered on Wikinews and wrote "Slovenian alpinist in rescue on Nanga Parbat" and "Slovenian alpinist rescued from Himalayan peak" articles in August 2005. On Wikinews I am the least active and so far I've made only 71 contributions.

My interests[edit]

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I'm interested in just about everything related to basic programming and scripting (VBScript, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python etc.), I also enjoy customizing and tweaking my operating system. I mainly use Windows XP, but I also know how to use Linux. I like to listen to various genres of music, watch movies and TV series (my favorites are South Park, Dilbert, Futurama, and Simpsons). Of course I also like to browse the World Wide Web (news, science and IT sites), post on Internet forums) and such. Below are also listed links to my various online profiles' home pages, to my blogs, and to my own 3 personal websites.

My userpages[edit]

My profiles[edit]

As first I will mention my personal | Tadej Peršič page[3] on portal which links to various others profile/user pages of mine, then as second there's my professional profile[4] at LinkedIn, and my profile page[5] on Scribd with various seminar papers from my 2 year study of Informatics. There's also my personal page and blog on Posterous which will hopefully get more content in the near future (see the update below under "Current blogs").

Social networking[edit]

Then there are of course my many accounts' pages on various Social networking internet portals such as my Tadej P. (@satyr) | Twitter profile[6] on Twitter which is also some sort of a blog (this is called micro-blogging), then there's my profile page[7] on Facebook community, my personal page[8] on MySpace portal, and my user page[9] on Fubar portal. For many other such account pages rather see my-accounts.html page[10] on my main personal website (also see below).

Wikia userpages[edit]

Here is a list of all my user pages (under specific) on Wikia. If I recall correctly I've edited most pages on Futurama Wiki[11]. And also this[12] is my userpage on Wikia Community Central.

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Other Wiki sites[edit]

And finally there are user pages on Wiki type websites. I will start with my user page[13] on slovenian variant of Wikipedia, and then there are also my user page[14] on Wikimedia, and finally my user page[15] on Wikinews. Of course there are other Wiki-type websites where I am a registered member and on which I mainly use a nick "Satyr-wayfarer" (that's because my nick on Lost In The Box, MozillaZine, and CastleCops forums is "satyr", while on all the original Wikis it's "Wayfarer"), the user pages below are ordered by the date of registration. As first here is my user page[16] on Mozilla Wiki, my user page[17] on Mozdev, my user page[18] on MozillaZine Knowledge Base, and finally my user page[19] on bb4win Wiki (bb4win is a branch of Blackbox shell replacement for Windows), and my user page[20] on Ghisler Wiki (it's a Wiki for Total Commander file-manager).

My blogs[edit]

Current blogs[edit]

My main English blog titled Tadej's Tumblr[21] on Tumblr (which I've found to be an especially useful platform for posting and sharing various types of content has become my new blog at the beginning of 2015, when I also published my first post at the end of January 2015.[22] The other blog of mine in English is my Tadej Persic's Blogger blog[23] on Google's Blogger platform, since the previous one[24] (which contained quite a few posts already) was on Posterous, which was acquired by Twitter early in 2013 and closed. I also have a blog titled Tadej Peršič Blog[25] written in Slovene, which is my new blog on WordPress, and contains imported content (from October 2006 onward) from my old blog[26] on Sopca. This one was abandoned for a long time (esp. after 2009), though on my birthday in 2012 I created a new entry[27] after almost 2 years. On December 2013 I posted the last blog entry there and from then on I've posted a few new entries on the new blog on WordPress (three to be precise), the last entry[28] being from October 2014). So I sort of revived my only blog in Slovene language.

Abandoned blogs[edit]

Then there was also a second and now abandoned blog[29] on VOLJAblok, which was actually my first blog ever. But unfortunately it is not accessible anymore since the blog-portal itself was taken off-line (however there's a page[30] on Internet Archive listing all the archived states of this blog; the January 29 2007 archive[31] being the last archived state, and the oldest one being April 23 2006 archive[32] archive), and there are a bunch of blogs in English language, e.g. my blog[33] on Senserely Yours, my diary[34] on kuro5hin portal, my blog[35] on Spread Firefox community portal etc., which are all, as you can see, more or less community-oriented blogs. I guess my user page[36] on Technorati also suits into this section since it lists all my blogs (well, at least those that I've submitted there).

My websites[edit]

Types of websites[edit]

I also have a general personal website[37] (meaning that it's not strictly computing, nor strictly non-computing related), and there exist also a Slovene variant of this same website[38]. It is basically just a navigational website that just briefly describes and lists links to my other websites and blogs. My oldest website though is my main computing related website[39] that deals with important computing-related things that I've discovered so far, e.g. my various personal computing-related articles, hints, principles, rules, tips, while it also contains links to my favorite programs and describes their usages etc.

Interesting stuff[edit]

In my opinion the specially interesting stuff on the website are my numerous discoveries and descriptions of various of experiences. Note that the website contains also a some sort of a blog (in other words an ever-growing set of pages with important news and events) started in 2005, with first entry being on events1.html page[40], and the last/current one being on events16.html page[41]. Finally there is my third website, which is a clarinet instrument related website[42], which as its title hints contains mostly technical and history information about the clarinet musical instrument, and a few of my personal experiences with it.

Main principles[edit]

The emphasis in case of all the three websites is not on website's outlook but on the websites' content (by the way, all the code was written and is maintained strictly by me, mostly "typed-by-hands" with a bit of copy/paste in a few cases of JavaSript), therefore I only use HTML/JavaScript and a bit of CSS since I've tried to make it as simple and fast-loading as possible. Also, all of them are more or less crafted by hand (i.e. none was made with the use of pre-built templates or even worse, written with WYSIWYG or other such "make-your-webpage-in-5-minutes" type of program), and all are licensed under a Creative Commons license. You may notice that on all of my websites I don't use underlying for "normal" words (i.e. not links) to prevent the confusion and to follow the standards. Like almost every other website on the Internet, thy one is also always under construction. And finally, they also don't contain pop-ups or banner-ads, and are XHTML and CSS code is valid by W3C standards.


This is a place for any important messages that you may want to send me; although I highly recommend you rather use the my talk page.

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