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This is the user page for wayneandwax, aka Wayne Marshall -- not to be confused with the other Wayne Marshalls. (Disambiguation page anyone?) I'm neither the black British pianist nor the Jamaican reggae star. Rather, I'm an ethnomusicologist, DJ/producer, and blogger. I'm also very interested in making Wikipedia a better place to read (and write), especially about music-related topics.

This spring (2008) I'm teaching a course on Global Hip-hop at Brandeis University. We'll be making edits to Wikipedia as part of our weekly coursework. The class has its own userpage where we'll be collecting our efforts.

Last fall (2007) I taught a history and aesthetics of electronic music, at Harvard Extension School. It was the third incarnation of the class. A good share of our class work consisted of making edits and adding articles to Wikipedia around the vast subject of electronic music, broadly interpreted. The class had its own userpage, for tracking our collective contributions, over here.

With regard to reggaeton, I've published various articles, including a forthcoming piece in a reggaeton anthology on Duke University Press[1] and journalistic pieces like this one[2] in the Boston Phoenix.


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