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Wikipedia. It counts as its reliable sources the major news corporations of the globe. In fact unless what you know is true has appeared in one of these "news" sources you won't get to include it in Wikipedia. However, since those agencies are owned by and managed by the same people who are funding government and big business, and since government and big business can reasonably expect ANY story they put out, TRUE OR FALSE, to appear in these 'sources' and thereby to find a place in Wikipedia, already alarm bells are ringing. Despite a long history of governments lying and being found out they continue to be counted as reliable sources. Despite a long history of business lying to you and being found out their words are still reproduced in the 'reliable sources' and transferred directly here. This in effect makes Wikipedia one of the most prominent propaganda tools on the planet, and Wikipedians its willing slaves. Wikipedians are falling over themselves to insert the latest in official propaganda and earn themselves a 'barnstar', and truth be damned. At least until it is expedient for those reliable sources to alter their story. You might think that after a 'reliable source' has changed its story a dozen times that they might be considered somewhat less reliable. Not in Wikipedia, which bears no malice against those who repeatedly lie to it. If they sound official whilst doing so. The is a GOOD REASON why Wikipedia is banned in many schools, for it is the ultimate propaganda machine, the ultimate measure of what government and business would like you to think, supported by references from the very publications that government and big business own. Wikipedias best use is as a measure of public OPINION, but the opinion of those who steadfastly stick to the government interpretation of events, and who don't mind changing their opinions as and when government decides it is safe to alter their lies. For those of you new to the perils of Wikipropaganda, it is often best to avoid the main article and head straight for the talk pages. There you find what the masses have decided doesn't meet their propaganda threshold, and where you might, if lucky, actually find something of interest on the subject. I wish you luck separating fact from opinion. You are going to need it.

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for removing untruths and distortions in World Net Daily Weaponbb7 (talk) 03:14, 25 March 2010 (UTC)

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For cracking me up with your reply at PhantomSteve's RFA. Hilarious and brilliant. -- Atama 17:57, 3 February 2010 (UTC)



Help me I'm melting.

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