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Wessie Nathaniel Emmert
coming soon
coming soon
Born (1985-11-29)November 29, 1985
Indiana, USA
Nationality American
Other names @ANDROID_wemmert
Occupation Network Administrator, Computer Technician
Known for Websites, blogging, mobile technology, sarcasm
Height 6' 3
Weight 150 lb (68 kg)
Title Whatever you want

About me[edit]

Most of that is found at the talk page. including websites and ways to contact me.

What have I done[edit]

A lot actually, but it seems that my previous ban (a long time ago) has wiped all of that away. No biggy tho.

Why am I here[edit]

I intend to be an editor with a sense of humor and a little bit of common sense, all to often the editors and admins here have ZERO sense of humor and as such make the experience really bland and boring (it's any wonder with NAZI admins this site still exists). Now, I'm sure that there are plenty of valuable admins out there . . . the majority of the ones I have seen seem to enjoy raining on people's parades for one of three reasons: 1.) Nothing better to do. 2.) They missed that promotion at work and want to take it out on others 3.) chill out in casually browse camp . . . their favorite TV shows site and edit anything they construe as "non cannon" to their disgust.

What you can do[edit]

follow me on twitter:
blog page:
my main website (currently not being updated):
google wave:

I would really like to hear from anyone at all. Happy editing

What do I do in real life[edit]

I work in an AWESOME adequate semi worthy building where I regularly fix computers and try to hide from my bosses so I don't have to hear them or the other lower users talk. I also call people that our company serves and helps get their copiers back up and running.

I'm also in the National Guard as an E-5 and it's quite interesting I can't get enough, I do hope that I get promoted to E-6 soon.

Slacker when I'm not doing my job and especially not when I'm in the National Guard capacity, but if it's any of the other 4 hours of the day I'm a slacker. w00t!!

I like to shake things up, so my page will be the ugliest thing known to man if I can help it . . . it's just who I am, It's not like anyone will come here to read about how the "rough riders" stormed the beaches of Florida to Defeat the Nazis and save Princess Peach from Gannandorf . . . seriously.

I'm always willing to talk

more edits[edit]

more of them

funny stuff[edit]

talk page funnies[edit]


Please see Category:Wikipedia humor for more humorous things. That doesn't mean everything on wikipedia should be turned towards juvenile humor. Great, it was mentioned on the show, he's only the kazillionth host to suggest changes be made to Wikipedia. I note Tosh even said on his Twitter feed "oops, my bad". Time to drop the stick; this page is a great place to suggest improvements to Wikipedia, not to talk about policy. For that, go to WP:VPP. If you think the protection has been applied "unfairly", feel free to bring it up at WP:ANI, but I'll confirm/agree (as an admin) that the protection was warranted. However, before having a long discussion on how policy is implemented, it'd be worth learning how to sign your posts properly. tedder (talk) 22:03, 28 January 2010 (UTC)

hilarious edits[edit]

havn't had a chance to find anything hilarious yet . . . this is a new section

anything else[edit]

anything else I havent decided to file away yet

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