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Welcome to the humble abode of Wer900. You may have come here actively seeking information about me, or just happened to be interested by the link in my signature. Here, like every other user on Wikipedia, I display statistics about myself and centralize works in progress and personal opinions before bringing them into mainspace.

I write articles about astronomy, and aside from copyediting and using automated tools like Reflinks, I very rarely edit articles which are not related to astronomy. An exception to this is my article "Potential cultural impact of extraterrestrial contact," which is somewhat related to astronomy (indirectly through SETI) and has just recently been honored as a Good Article. In particular, my articles tend to center on extrasolar planet systems, which, while they often meet Wikipedia's notability criteria, are ignored in favor of current events, popular culture, developments in other areas of science like biology and (non-astro)physics. In addition to my "Cultural impact of extraterrestrial contact" article, another work of mine, on the 2012 National Reconnaissance Office space telescope donation to NASA, deals with the intersection between politics and astronomy, although a very much different intersection than the former article.

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